Monday, March 12, 2007

Second servings: Koja Sushi II

A pleasantly nice haven(shown): tuna & avocado roll, soft shell crab roll, hamachi & roe roll.

Since departing from California, via Ohio - well....let's say I've had an uphill swim trying to find good sushi. Well, like really good sushi. The California stint really put the top plate on a lot of things and sushi is one of them. So you would think it would be easy to find in a coastal city like Jacksonville since it faces that Atlantic?! More to be written on this later.

I had a pleasantly nice sushi lunch prepared for me at Koja Sushi II which recently opened on Baymeadows Road. The maguro and hamachi were at it's freshest I've indulged thus far. There was gladly none of the overtly use of excessive sticky rice bigger than the opening of my mouth or even heavy handedness of the blade apparent in the slices of my maguro.

So with that said,(sigh!)with ambling thoughts to myself: I am still missing the 'delicate' art of sushi that many California expatriates are aware of; my lunch at Koja Sushi II was pleasantly nice and filled that least temporarily.

Koja Sushi II
9866 Old Baymeadows Road, Suite #8
Jacksonville, Florida 32256

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