Saturday, March 24, 2007

That Latin Thing: and more than Irish stew (for later)

Paella Creek Refuge

The thing about ethnic ingredients - especially traditional finds and the diverse variety of selections is its increasing accessibility to American consumers. Years back, when I lived in LA there were ethnic grocery stores all over. I don't mean the mom and pop mini walk-ins. I'm referring to the mega supermarkets similar to Publix, Albertson's and so forth.

From the New York Times, a mention about the growing Hispanic market and the growing supermarket chain Rancho Liborio.

Read more: The store’s slogan pretty much says it all: “Si es de allá lo tenemos aquí.” Translated, "If it’s from there, we have it here.”

This upscale store is a new concept for the Cuban family that started the small Liborio chain in Los Angeles in 1966. The idea is to sell food to an increasingly affluent pool of Hispanic grocery shoppers as well as the growing segment of people who want their supermarkets filled with fresher, local and more authentic food.

With its bright, wide aisles, agua fresca bar and an expansive selection of hot food like carnitas and even pizza, Rancho Liborio wants to be the go-to store for second- and third-generation shoppers who are attracted to markets like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, but want to cook and shop in a store that feels like home.

Don't get too settled now....I'll be leaping across the globe with my pen/keyboard to new Irish cuisine. Yes new/contemporary Irish cuisine is on my list of conquests. For now, read more in the San Francisco Chronicle article entitled, Irish cuisine comes of age: Emphasis on fresh, local ingredients is right at home in the Bay Area Take an eye load of the Coleslaw with Blue Cheese Dressing. The Steak and Oyster Pie is inviting too.

I'll be back next week. This girl is literally about town and I'll have more Savory Spain jaunts when I return.

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