Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Churrascaria Craze: Have my meat and eat it too....

Churrascaria: The South American inspired barbeque or grilling technique made famous by the gauchos of Brazil and Argentina has made a large stake in the American restaurant scene as of late.

The traditional fireside roasts include ample cuts of sirloin, flank steak, prime rib, filet mignon, pork loin and even shrimp; to name a few. *sigh*

Each MEGA cut of MEAT is skewered through a large spear and brought from the grill to table side (in an elegant setting of course). The churrascaria restaurants usually offer at least a minimum of 10 different meats that are brought to the diner's table.

There's a wonderful find here in Jacksonville Beach: Tento Churrascaria on North First Street. You can read more about my pleasurable dining experience in this month's Jacksonville Magazine now at newsstands.

If you miss that particular read I will be highlighting my profile of that visit next month here on

I would say Tento Churrascaria is one of the best Jacksonville restaurants.


They do not compromise.

Obviously there is the large 'quantity' - which is not my reasoning factor to say this.

The stand out is their commitment to the quality of their ingredients and acute attention to detail in preparation & service.

I cannot say enough about their sensibilities. Finally, a restaurant in Jacksonville that gets it.

Read more here in May or eat at:

Tento Churrascaria
528 North First Street
Jacksonville Beach, Florida

Tel 904.246.1580
Reservations recommended

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