Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Art of Sandwich and more: Heirlooms

Step into the sauce: Baked Goat Cheese Pomodoro

Soup of the day: Chicken Matzo Ball

Turkey Avocado

Cafe BLT: Look Mom - there's a Fritos in my san-wich!

If you haven't recently dined in Jacksonville lately; you must know there is a upward flux in restaurant chains and mediocre dining establishments claiming the fame of local mundane.

Fortunately there are pleasant additions recently taking hold in hopes of steering a proper direction to northeast Florida's waning dining scene.

Heirlooms recently opened in the past year right on San Jose Boulevard in the Mandarin area of town.

We needed a fresh, casual yet 'special' place to lunch right after my daughter's graduation and opted to try this new lunch spot.

I was longing for an alfresco sort of lunch spot similar to my haunts in Encino and L.A. days in SoCal.

The art of sandwich making is something I've cherished and was instilled in me as a child growing up in the city of San Francisco.

Recently someone in Jacksonville mentioned "it's just a sandwich".

What the heck kind of comment is that?

With that in mind, I do recall this person inadvertently (so he claimed) picked up selections of screw top wine when I asked him to make sure the wine selection for the evening I was planning should be far from pedestrian.

I remember stuff like that.

Heirlooms is lovely and you will be impressed with their refreshing menu including fresh produce and recipes highlighting an approachable global flair.

There is covered terrace dining which is a great option during the recent cool weather as well as inside the cafe.

We were greeted warmly by one of the owners; Chef Cheryl as she welcomed a generous lunch crowd that afternoon. Heirlooms is now open for dinner and I suggest you visit their website for an update

Heirlooms: passion in action.....

Both partners/owners are accomplished chefs brandishing a culinary graduate from CIA, bb's in San Marco and the Pebbles Group in Orlando to name a few accolades.

They also offer catering and cooking classes.

Upon my second visit the only small glitch was in the timing of our lunch service.

We waited patiently with two five year olds both listless and active as we enjoyed the afternoon on the terrace. Yet by the time my husband's lunch arrived he had to pack it to go. It was quite a wait, but with that said the service was hospitable enough to garnish our attention for another return. It appeared our server and the management staff were extremely apologetic and swiftly attended to our dining needs thereafter. Which is a rarity among restaurants in Jacksonville.....and Paris too (the only similarities though).

The girls were surprised with a gesture of sweetness presented in the form of a chocolate cupcake......

Meet & Eat @:

a culinary cafe and market
9545 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida


Anonymous said...

They just opened a Bistro version of Heirlooms at Batram Walk, in Julington Creek...I think it's San Jose and Racetrack Road, in the same plaza (Batram Walk) as Blue Fin, Bono's, Shannon's, a Marble Slab and a Starbucks...

This Heirlooms is upscale, with a full bar and more of a slant towards a dinner crowd, though they will likely eventually be open for lunch.

Anonymous said...

Heirloom's provides a much needed alternative to Sanjose/Julington Creek's traditional fare. More in The leage of Corsica, and RuthCris. this is fine dining at it's best. Superb wine selection, knowledgeable staff, intimate atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

don't miss their blt - a bed of iceberg lettuce w/crunch munch fritos...fritos n' bacon - where can u go wrong?