Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Asian Fling @ Roy's Restaurant / Jacksonville Beach

An excerpt from Roy's springtime menu....

Temporarily satiated my west coast homesickness....

Fusion take on the classic crab cake....more similar to crab cocktail

Standard standby deep fried calamari.....loved the dipping sauce with a slight kimchi twist

What could go wrong here?.....only happy endings

Meet & Eat at:

Roy's Restaurant
2400-101 South Third Street
Jacksonville Beach, Florida
Tel 904.241.7697

What I really miss about Pacific Coast dining are progressive pairings in ingredients and presentation that seem to lack for the most part in the northeast region I've placated myself as of recent............

After my usual morning round of the Los Angeles Times food section I came across today's review of a new restaurant in Beverly Hill's HOKUSAI.

Hokusai is an inspiring take on Asian Fusion which has developed into more of a global fusion in the culinary landscape.

I'll be updating my HOT LINKS list today - so don't forget to dive into more indulgences about global food happenings at thepassionatecook and THE hot spot for food porn step inside TASTESPOTTING to start your day off the right foot.

I'm scheduled to post my recent visits VERY SOON at Bistro Aix, Tento Churrascarria & French Pantry all lovely culinary accouterments to Jacksonville!

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