Monday, May 14, 2007

California Winemaker Visits Jacksonville: Erik Olsen/Clos du Bois

Entering Vineland.....

Eric Olsen, Vice President & Winemaker at Clos du Bois

Winemaking Elements

When: Thursday, May 17, 2007

Where: Publix Apron's Cooking School
10500 San Jose Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32257
Cooking School: 904-262-4187
Reservations Recommended

It was right when the option of throwing my hands up in the air began to haunt me again that I heard news of California Winemaker Erik Olsen's scheduled visit to Jacksonville.

What have we done to deserve this gift? - I don't know, but I'd like to thank Publix for arranging this visit to the northeast Florida region that is known for lest I say the simpler of palates.

Clos du Bois located in the Alexander Valley of Sonoma County, California. The winery is notably one of America's world-class vineyards and as mentioned in Mr. Olsen's bio provided by the winery, his visit here should definitely spark some excitement:

"Erik's resolute focus on wine and winemaking is evident in his multi-discipline dive into educating himself on the topic. With a BS in Fermentation Science from UC Davis, an MS in Food Science from Cornell and an MBA from the University of Washington, it is clearly Olsen's aim to understand and master both the technical and business aspects of wine......he made wine at some of the most prominent wineries in California and Washington, including Robert Mondavi, Simi and Chateau Ste. Michelle."

From a observant and well-fed p.o.v.(since I originally hail from the San Francisco Bay Area), options in dining and food are endless there. It still piques my thoughts why Jacksonville is still struggling in its culinary identity with so many transplants from outside of this region as well as itself being a beacon of intense historical character.

Anyhow, consider attending this Thursday evening's presentation & demonstration. Jacksonville has forever been at this cusp of cultural revitalization. Winemaking is both a historic and cultural art form that provokes us to step outside our comfort boundaries.

Another draw is that Mr. Olsen is an accomplished chef. Scheduled to be prepared and tasted among the attendees as mentioned on the The Aprons website:

"Pasta With Greens, Chickpeas, Toasted Breadcrumbs, and Pecorino Romano Cheese; Tandoori-Style Shrimp; Spanish Lamb Ragout with Roasted Sweet Peppers, Roasted Potatoes, and Sautéed Green Beans with Cherry Tomatoes; Hazelnut Torte with Coffee Buttercream."

If you haven't already visited the Aprons Cooking School at Publix this is your opportunity to do so.

The gourmet kitchen is tucked away on the side of the supermarket away from the frenzy of the grocery itself. An impeccable professional kitchen has been installed with two cooking stations, video screens to watch the visiting celeb chefs at work and an upscale casual dining area with all the fancy accompaniments needed.


(c) 2007 Photos courtesy Clos du Bois

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