Tuesday, June 5, 2007

As low as you can go: Lowfat Recipe of Kimchi Stew aka Kimchi Jjigae

The Lowfat Version of Kimchi Jjigae.....

It's my birthday month....It's my birthday WEEK......

Watch me while I still try to conquer the world with one fell swoop in just thirty days.

I thought to hold you over a bit with a favorite comfort food via Korean style.
I have several splashy restaurant posts I cannot wait to blog about.

But this week -this month - it's so little time - so much to do, so much to see, and so much to EAT!

Besides, I've prepared this heartwarming dish often enough; especially when I get the craving for salty, spicy and a dire need for the world class fiery wake up call to set the strength of my blood straight!(?)

Usually an extremely spiced laden stew will do it or a triple play of Coppola's Godfather I, II, and maybe III with a bit of closure from Scorsese's Goodfellas is a good wake up call.

With that said here's my first lowfat version of Kimchee Stew or officially said: Kimchee Jjigae.

My mother's recipe always included Taegee Gogi (similar to bacon - fatty pork rib meat). Which is yummy, but I'd rather do without the heaviness of the fat. Then I tried another version via my mom's suggestion also. She would CUT the fat off the bacon - literally trim the fat off. What fun is that?

The traditional version also incorporates a good amount of sesame oil which I find too heavy.

I've also minimized the preparation time by cutting back on some steps without risking to lose the intensity of the dish.

If you dare to venture.....do let me know the end results!

Lowfat Recipe (Version 1!) Kimchee Stew aka Kimchee Jjigae

Ingredients & Prep:

1. prepared kimchee, napa cabbage version, approx. 2-3 heaping cups, slice 1 1/2" in length2. One 14 oz. package of soft tofu, first slice the entire tofu in half. You will have two wedges of tofu. Slice the tofu approx. 1/2" thick, creating uniform squares

3. 3 garlic gloves finely shredded

4. approx. 1" piece of fresh ginger, peel skin off and slice ginger in half

5. 1 Tbsp. sesame seed oil

6. 1/4 cup mirin or white wine

7. 3/4 cup water

8. 1/2 lb. Canadian bacon or lean ham, finely shredded about 1/8" thick

9. 4 green onions, tops & ends trimmed, slice 1 1/2" in length and shredded

10. 4-6 small mild korean chile peppers (optional)

11. 1/2 tsp. freshly ground black pepper

12. 1 tsp. toasted sesame seeds

- In a large sauce pan over low heat, add the sesame oil and half the shredded garlic

- Place the sliced tofu in a circular pattern in the center of the sauce pan

- Add the kimchee - place the kimchee surrounding the tofu

- Insert the two slices of ginger inside the kimchee

- Pour water and wine over kimchee and tofu

- Top tofu with toasted sesame seeds and ground black pepper

- Bring to boil, cover and reduce to a medium simmer for 15 minutes. Then a slow simmer for 10 minutes.

- Add remaining garlic, green onions and korean chili peppers over tofu

- Cover and low simmer for 5 minutes

- Serve with white rice

Enjoy and watch out for the hidden ginger - its purpose was to intensify the flavor not to eat!


zlamushka said...


I just posted my ultimate kimchi recipe and cannot wait to try it again. Your stew looks like the one I ve been looking for. I ll be trying it as soon as I ferment another batch of this goodness.

taste memory said...

zlamushka - hey there + welcome...I'll check it out definitely! Yeah, I like this version too, I use a lot of veggies...the traditional Korean version uses thick slabs of bacon....really tasty, but prob just good for special occasions. at least for me!

Maggie said...

This sounds great! I haven't tried making Korean dishes at home since there are some decent restaurants near us but I'd love to try. I'm a kimchee addict and put it with everything. I love it on turkey and cheese sandwiches.

Esteban said...

Canadian bacon--huh, who woulda thunk it. is the taste somewhat comparable to your mom's version?