Friday, July 20, 2007's suggested Jacksonville Dining: habit forming restaurant links

I have no excuse but the excuse of summer that has evidently whisked me away into the land of surf, haze and sublime sun. My stack of postings "pending to be posted" has grown to an excessive landslide of restaurant profiles, dining fiascos, recipe hacks conjured up alongside delectable vintages and desserts; just awaiting for their audience!

Here are the beginnings.....and all in Jacksonville as well as surrounding areas.

I've had incredibly positive experiences dining out in Jacksonville as well as morbidly HORRIFYING. I chose not to comment or list the HORRIFYING since life is short and we often prefer to tantalize the palate and other senses rather than anything torturous.

As always, do let me know if you come across any finds; especially in the areas of Asian dining like ie: non-scary sushi experiences, Chinese, real Japanese food, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Burmese, Cambodian....oh never mind; I'm relapsing now into my LA LA Land and post SF life taste memories........

And I have been to MANY of the local Asian digs - well imagine why they are not posted here.....?!! I'm still recovering from one over TWO WEEKS ago esp. my stomach, visual senses and mental trauma of that one!

Also below if I've bolded the restaurant's name it will link to's profile or posting of the experience.

Step out and experience.....

***PLEASE NOTE: Since initially writing this post, that I cannot ensure to you that the restaurant's ownership/management has remained the same as it continues to CHANGE constantly in Jacksonville. The restaurants noted below from my experience has remained consistent from my recent be the judge!

bb's restaurant
where to find

Bistro Aix

Cafe Nola

Chew Restaurant

Cilantro Indian Cuisine

Espana Restaurant and Tapas

French Pantry
where to find

Heirlooms Culinary Cafe and Market

Roy's Restaurant

Sangria House

The Tasting Room

Tento Churrascaria

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