Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Kings Head British Pub to St. Augustine & back!

remember this?

all so lushly displayed

black and tan: what were we waiting for?

darts n' me: the perfect side piece

pretty gateway too....

How many times have I driven by year after year thinking "they gotta at least have a good pint going...." The double decker red bus and old world style phone booth always seems to beckon the U.S. 1 traveler.....

Hmmmm.....so we finally stopped in the other day on the way to another day trip to St. Augustine for an old world culture fix.

They poured a regal black and tan as well as a meaty platter of English style 'chips' with malt vinegar just waiting in the wings.

Scraped the cyberspace for a website but no can do. Here's what I've found thus far with local link added.

Old world charm......

Kings Head British Pub
6460 U.S. Hwy 1 North
St. Augustine, Florida 32095

Tel 904.823.9787

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