Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gourmet Grocer in Northeast Florida

solo wine flights

gorgeous & avid rows of cheese

more than you could know

The other night I was in movie mode thanks to my infinite connections with netflix.com.

I watched JULIA with Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave.

I'm not sure what brought that on for me to put that order through for such a film.

It might have been the past trailers I've seen during my video distribution a la print-marketing daze in L.A. with photo montages of Fonda perked with red lipstick and a fur lined coat somewhere in Berlin.

Berlin: yeah, that'll get me everytime.

A friend of mine went to Berlin decades ago RIGHT WHEN THE WALL fell.....remember when?

I have a chip of that graffiti strewn wall in my basket of 'rocks' collected around the world. Yes; I was also an avid rock collector, but that's something else now.

The point here is food.

There was a scene in the movie (without giving it away) whereby Jane Fonda's character Lillian arrives to 'the' destination to meet a certain person.

The scene took place inside a smokey tavern - rustic bistro type local haunt in a European city.

Lillian arrives completely overwhelmed, exhausted, stress ridden yet delighted to see this person.

Remember the setting is rustic, smokey and it is set right before the prompt of WWII.

The certain person Lillian is meeting with has ordered caviar with all the pre-war fixings.

It appears to be slices of some sort of crusty loaf and a side platter of butter.

The scene is extremely emotional; mix in caviar with rustic country bread alongside a platter of butter and glasses of what appears to be room temperature white wine really makes you reflect on the 'scene'.

In haste they eat, talk and drink.

The wine inside the glass appears to be the near to the last or LAST DROP of wine as they are drinking and talking; that it leaves me the viewer thirsty.

I don't think Fonda's character Lillian even had a full bite when the scene had to ultimately change again.

The combined effort of emotional upheaval, caviar, unfilled glasses of temperate white wine, eating in haste with tears, smokey setting and rustic bread proved way too much for me.

For me it comparable to my billionth art history class in art school at CCA in Oakland California.

My art history professor would COMPLETELY in Freudian manner analyze a still life painting of oranges, figs, grapes, cheese and bread.

That scene in JULIA was exhausting.

With that said; I discovered a delightful and refreshing little gourmet grocer in St. Augustine Beach.

the cutest frogs legs and clams all in a row

It reminded me of the boutique urban grocers in Manhattan and San Francisco.

They even have caviar......

Bummer news.....since this post, I recently found out that CHEF SAYS HAS CLOSED! Another one bites the dust. I went back there a few weeks ago (@January 2008) for a cuppa Jo' and perhaps a bite to eat and NADA - nothing was there! :( !!!

Yours truly,
Girl About Town

Chef Says Specialty Market
Intersection of S.R. A1A and "A" street
In the Seagrove Town Center
St. Augustine Beach, Florida
Tel 904.471.FOOD (3663)


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