Monday, August 20, 2007

mid-week dinner woes to I WANT INDIAN: Cilantro's Indian Cuisine

Chicken Lolly pop goes with my lolly pop girls

One *SMASHING* looking chicken in chartreuse.....too eighties....?

Garlic Nan

Tika Chicken begin counting the ways.....

Since I'm lost for words to find that ULTIMATE neighborhood Chinese; I have surprised myself (again) and discovered a back up for 'those' kinda nights.

Cilantro Indian Cuisine on San Jose Blvd. in a recently revamped strip mall familiar to many Jacksonvillanese types will find this place homey with a suppertime feel alongside the vibe you are 'out for dinnah' Tuesday night.

That's what I need every so often with this glamorous life of dining and blogging which has jaded my taste buds and when I opt to return to the familiar.

But with moi; perhaps it's the familiar with a soulful mix of humm and throat tingling spices to save the day.

I do love Cilantro's dinner menu that plays also on northwestern Indian cuisine. The other night; the chef was delighted to go over the menu with us detailing a host of their dishes.

Forewarning us of some of the spices - "HOLD ON" I exclaimed - I'll GO for the HEAT and just bring it on!

It was an awesome dinner contrived of:

A glass (& two) of the Nobilio New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Each sip had a nice bite. Reminded me of late summer northeast Ohio vine ripened grapes but not sweet - slight fruit forward and oak less with an ease of minerality in between.

Mulligatawny soup - a lovely delectable blend of softened ground lentils with lemon, peppers and faint spices.

I love this soup and always order with a side of their garlic nan studded with roasted garlic and fresh cilantro.

It is a savory mix of fresh, earthy and feisty resistance on the palate and proceeds deep throttle.

Chicken Madras - dolled up pieces of chicken cooked in creamy coconut curry that is tempered with mustard seeds, spices and my ultimate favorite: CURRY LEAVES.

Remember those afternoons eating sunflower seeds on the sidewalk?

Well, I can sit all day chewing on curry leaves - not too sure what it will do to me; but I do love the texture and faintness of it.

Of course this is served with basmati rice; our fluffy & nutty confident.

I also recommend the Balti Baingan which is fresh eggplant precisely simmered with bell peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions and balanced seasonally with ground spices.

The Balti reminds me very much of the sofrito in Spanish restaurants.

Cilantro Indian Cuisine is very popular for the Sunday buffet brunch as well as their lunch time buffett service.

But I highly recommend them as a dinner destination as I have found their dinner entrees handled with enticing loving care.

The buffet is generous and tasty; yet the taste memory itself of their dinner menu flaunts great care that I often return as I earlier mentioned when seeking comfort, an ease of service & excitement on my dulled palate!

Cilantro Indian Cuisine
9825 - #6 San Jose Boulevard
Jacksonville, Florida
Tel 904.262.9577

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