Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Carnivore at St. John's Town Center: Ted's Montana Grill

barbecue bison short ribs: I arrived famished as I just had a pear for breakfast all morning. I'm a pear freak and have been obsessed with the Forelle pears that have been available lately. But this morning I ran out of those and had a boring standby: the Bartlett. Spent the entire morning writing PR stuff about food and analyzing a recipe format on an empty stomach. Who ever heard of a food writer working on an empty stomach? I do that too often and end up eating half a cow before the end of the day. The short ribs hit the spot; although my recipe is better and a bit more outlandish than this one. Yet I found this dish quite acceptable. I liked the fact they were still on the bone and the one I was plated had the marrow looking right up at me. I love bone marrow; reminds me of southern France. Since living in the South (Florida!); I have finally become accustomed to overcooked-over salted green beans; which I ordered alongside the ribs. I actually crave it now. You could see how hungry I was by the mega bite on my biscuit (see left of this photo)

fresh pickling cukes arrive as you sit down

bleu creek burger aka bleu cheese burger shown here accosted by grilled onions AND deep fried onion rings

can't leave a place like this without an onion ring: thick slices of meaty white onions......did not come across any onion skins....a pet peeve of mine

I know....I know....this is a chain restaurant.....yet I had to think quick on my feet and find a place pronto for the 'girls' to lunch and this spot was middle ground to all of us. Plus I had been there several times prior and it will seem bizarre yet refreshing to let you know that Ted's Montana Grill in Jacksonville is probably ONE of the ONLY chain restaurants here in town that has decent service and sanitation since I've been.....

I've been there about three times and every time I've dined I am amazed that I have been served with eloquence and decency from the hostess to the wait staff.

The other thing I like is my arms don't stick to the table; but that might be because they have that rustic craft paper on all the tables but anyhow the last three visits have been sobering COMPARED to the other chains located in close proximity to this establishment. At THOSE places I felt like THEY WERE DOING ME A REAL FAVOR just by slapping me down on a greasy table and showing up to serve me food.

Plus I love the fact that their restaurant & MEATS are Eco-friendly, natural and hormone free. It's always good to minus the extra hormones; like women need any more of that....

Lately, I've been dining and eating more than I can POST.

So please be patient as I have a backlog of photos and posts of delectable dining adventures to share with you. At the same time trying to manage my treadmill and computer time while trying to eat (more than pears).

Tomorrow I'm going to favorite spot that changed ownership approx. 8 months ago. I have dined there once since and it was *smashing*.

It's an excuse to dine there twice to give them a proper profile. It's in downtown -I'll tell you about latr.....

I love the paper straws Ted's supplies with all their drinks. Do you remember paper straws?

We sat there with our ice teas while our straws bobbed against the glass. I noticed everyone had a different shade of lipstick on their straw. I kept holding myself back from wanting to get the tip of my straw really really wet so it would tear and shred. I remember doing that as a kid and I had to refrain myself from odd habits as that.

If you love meat, love potatoes and enjoy being served properly when dining out....Ted's is quaint visit and a good excuse chill at Sephora afterwards.

the bison short ribs can be found under their blue plate specials

I almost never made it there the first time due to the fact that I was with someone that couldn't stand Ted Turner and wouldn't dine there to support Ted Turner et al.

Well it worked out that day to my advantage because I am a girl and I wanted to eat meat THERE on THAT DAY; so he reluctantly gave in and to his amusement enjoyed himself immensely.

Ted's Montana Grill is located in St. John's Town Center as well a Orange Park. I have only dined at the St. John's Town Center location and have no idea if the OP location is comparable is service and so forth. The only issue I had was the 'plating' as I'm always about presentation. It does look pretty on their website as well pretty good going down.

Ted's Montana Grill
10281 Midtown Parkway, Suite 221 at St. John's Town Center
Jacksonville, Florida
Tel 904.998.0010


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