Friday, September 7, 2007

French Pantry in Jacksonville: gem of a find

this drew me . . . .

grilled chicken salad with ruby red tomatoes and mozzarella on toasty crusty bread

tempura chicken salad with meaty portions of grilled portabella mushrooms and drizzled with balsamic vinegar

french fries that can't go wrong

This week has been an upheaval of elements. With the overcast skies and down flux of the weather - WINTER is impending; ugh what a poor element of surprise for me in northeast FLA!

Now northeast Florida does have SEASONS. It's not always sunny subtropical and I'm not saying I cringe from change; but I always get so accustomed to the lovely dewy humidity and SUN that it becomes at times hard to fathom the concept of WINTER.

I have absolutely nothing to complain about; esp. since I lived 5 years of my life in Cleveland - I guess I'm still t h a w i n g from that experience.

Subject of bread - namely FRENCH BREAD which is near impossible to find in Jacksonville that passes my taste test.

With the exception of FRENCH PANTRY.

Which is a quiet institution around here and an absolute NOT TO MISS lunch spot.

They are only open for lunch and they also yield a powerful pack as a bakery.

You will also find a gorgeous selection of muffins, cookies and beautifully formed artisanal breads that are so gem like that you will have to haul a take home bag of goodies right after your lunch.

Be cautious to arrive early though - at least by 11:30 a.m. as seating is extremely limited and there is literally a line up of passionate patrons at the door.

Table side seating is awesome in the communal seating arrangements and makes for fun dining too.

Check it out and don't forget what I said about their french bread: straight from the San Francisco girl's mouth!

French Pantry
6301 Powers Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32217

(904) 730-8696

I'm going Indian again for lunch today .

Be back with more *insight*

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