Wednesday, September 19, 2007

supermarket pizza dough?: Publix pizza dough to go

16 oz. of fun.....

a glorious sight for pizza fans

the kids favorite with boar's head pepperoni

pepperoni, black olive tapenade & scallions

my bite is bigger than my bark

sort of self-portrait: i just couldn't resist......

Who would have known my local supermarket here in Jacksonville carries pizza dough?

I always here about it on the t.v. food shows when the host exclaims 'just go to your local supermarket or pizzeria and pick up some fresh pizza dough....'

Well, I just never thought here?

I ACCIDENTALLY came across it when I was shopping at my neighborhood Publix supermarket and saw a man walking around with what appeared to be two bags of pizza dough as he was leaving the bakery section.

I was WATCHING the TWO bags of pizza DOUGH; mind you.

Anyways, then I came across it again at another Publix on the other side o' town as I was frantically trying to pick up dinner.

As I rushed through the bakery section I glanced from the corners of my eyes a series of tantalizing globes resting in the refrigerator section near some cream puffs I believe.

So I mentally arranged a pizza night at home with the kids.

It was easy so I picked up some pepperoni, shredded cheese, a jar of sauce and I figured I would throw on there what was in the fridge & pantry for myself.

One 16 oz. bag was a whopping one dollar and some change.

It's always fun making pizza at home and now I have an easy excuse to do this more often. Well aside from the carb factor; which I always say Sunday night and then when Monday rolls around its just another story. So I minus the beer. Even though the combined rhetorical sound of 'pizza & beer' sounds soooo good; it's better in my case to go one less carb and go solo with 'pizza'.

Another good reason to make homemade pizza: I cannot find edible PIZZA here. Some say I'm high maintenance. Any suggestions out there?(for pizza that is).

My gluttony with pizza began during my college years and I have forever been doomed since I ate at Zachary's Pizza when I was in art school in Oakland.

It was in between classes and we ran down College Avenue near the border of Oakland & Berkeley and ordered a basil, spinach & garlic pizza.

It was the FIRST TIME I had Chicago deep dish pizza and it blew me away. I don't know what frame of mind I was in as a twenty year old to order basil, spinach and garlic on my pizza but it was good. I remember a bottle of spunky fragrant beer too. After being seduced by garlic, yeast & German beer; I recall running through the fog and traffic to make it back to class in some sort of coherent fashion.

I was also spoiled further in my later years when we lived in northeast Ohio. Major pizza underbelly over there.

We came to Jacksonville and all I've come across is gloppy, cheesy, gooey and tasteless cardboard forum they call pizza. And have you noticed the sign that always reads "voted BEST pizza in Jacksonville" or "authentic New York style pizza". What the heck and who told them that???

Send me a sign someone.......

If you can't find the pizza dough in the fridge section in the Publix bakery; ask the kind people behind the bakery cases and they'll gracefully prep you a wad to go.

eat & buy local:



Anonymous said...

Moon River Pizza. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hello "searching for great pizza". There is a fantastic pie shop in riverside called carmines pie house...checl out their site-

they have a fantastic chicago deep dish- i have had the zeus olympus pizza! yummy!

sarah from jacksonville