Monday, October 8, 2007

National Pizza Competition: Joseph's Pizza of Jacksonville

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I received a press release a few weeks ago with a fabulous announcement from Joseph's Pizza of Jacksonville.

Joseph's has always been one of those pizzeria's that have been 'word of mouth - you gotta go there; they have great dinners too.....and they are the sweetest family....let's go meet and eat.....' seriously; there are a handful of those places known for their 'comforting' atmosphere and its often passed down via 'word of mouth' ayknow.

Joseph's is on my list of dining destinations once I eat past about a half dozen more

According to the press release, Joseph's Pizza earned 2nd place by the United States Pizza Team at the PMQ National Pizza Competition in Orlando Florida.

Here's a penchant from their press release dtd September 19, 2007:

"Joseph’s daughter, Sabrina Bateh, stunned the crowd at the PMQ National Pizza Show and Best Pizza Competition in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, September 8, 2007 when she tossed a pizza that delighted the judges and earned 2nd place. For a first time competitor, Sabrina, representing family owned Joseph’s Pizza, not only tossed a pizza that nationally ranked, but she also earned many accolades from the judges about the unique combination of ingredients and overall quality of the pizza."

Joseph's Pizza
30 Ocean Boulevard
Atlantic Beach, Florida
Tel 904.270.1122

7316 North Main Street
Jacksonville, Florida
Tel 904.765.0335

*photos courtesy Joseph's Pizza

I will be posting more shortly. Thank you for your patience. So much to much to much to much to dance off........yum.....

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great post! i love joseph's pizza!!