Thursday, October 18, 2007

wild meanderings, foraging recipes and another dining out venture: Heirlooms Bistro

weak in the knees with tuna tartare

duck ravioli reprised

swordfish and grits come hither

triage me lovely with crab cakes, beef tenderloin, potatoes and onion rings galore

a song of salmon, spinach and pasta

It was a Saturday evening and the boys were gone camping - so what's a girl to do other than *girls night out*: that's what!

Florida in October is the perfect month often reminding me of the perfect summer weather for this sfGirlbythebay back then and when: the sun's a shining - mellow warm with just enough heat and zippo-minus any humidity. Yes and that was what it was like that come hither evening in northeast Florida.

So we found ourselves walking about at the new Bartram Walk shopping center. Whenever I visit there or any other 'planned' Florida shop & walk sort of contraption it reminds me of a Ray Bradbury short read from Martian Chronicles.

'Ya know the idyllic setting sort of scenario, the perfect family in the 'burbs,the perfect evening out, with the perfect set of friends 'ya really have known forever and then...............

The only 'and then..............' scenario for me that evening didn't reveal in martian form or anything quite hideous other than my wallet that is still recovering from an expensive haircut, shopping, dining and dessert that was totally unnecessary. At the end of the day that becomes an exhausting effort for this Girl About Town, consultant, writer, critic and wandering forager of recipes vaulted soon to be released sort of girl that I am.

It's either the meanderings or excessive exercise on my part that is effecting my postings as of late. But I really think it has something to do with the surprises found here and there in northeast Florida tapping at my taste buds and challenging my motives.

Useless rant I know.

I'll blame it on the weather as my fixation for stews, dumplings and cobblers begin to intensify once the leaves start turning and my foraging instincts begin to prevail.

Heirlooms Bistro
104 Bartram Walk, Suite 101
Jacksonville, Florida

Tel 904.230.3999

You know when I ramble like this and bear not too specific that something went askew.

I have more chewi-licious pictures from OHIO soon to follow.

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