Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ultimate pumpkin roll: bulging at the seams....literally

the ultimate pumpkin roll as if faint with pixie dust....it was THAT good.

It appears I am on 'blogger' hold or perhaps 'blogger's block'.

This can't be, thus true while I have a stock pile of photos and posts from dining about town and luscious moments of slicing, dicing and cooking as it should be an ultimate covert operation in my own kitchen alongside my laptop sashayed with brown sugar, hauntings of nutmeg, smudges of ginger and remnants of cinnamon as pixie dust.

Korean duk mandu soup: rice cakes n' dumplings......my very own recipe....refined

Well, with that said.......I so much appreciate your readership and patience. As I get through this moment of p a u s e to break for Thanksgiving.

My moments have been spent amplifying the half dozen and one hats I've committed myself to wear as well as my mode to perfect the feast of all feasts, relenting to this boggish weather, placid pale skin - gone is the tinge of sunkissed summer skin, elastic waist band pants will do just fine and thank you very much, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin pies, my mother's caraway seed stuffing, making the brine with purified water so the brown sugar and Kosher salt will dissolve in its own abyss, finding that neckbone in that frozen cavity of it all and leaving the gravy making for my beloved.

this was from LAST SUMMER: my FAVORITE tortilla soup....cali-girl style via mission district....

Can you tell it's been a long day....a long month?

I hope these little tastings from my library of 'to posts' are inviting enough.....that I will be back....for more postings & merry making that is.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone and I will see you next week.......

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