Friday, December 7, 2007

bb's.......always pretty & always good to chew: beyond the song & dance

a weekly habit: bb's tuna tartar.....extra horseradish on the side please....

a lunch time special: swordfish steak made us linger...

smokey sausage hangs well with shrimp and penne.....

bb's in San Marco has been my stand by restaurant when I just gotta get out and don't want to be disappointed or go home with a wretched stomach after gallant dining expeditions in the city of Jacksonville.

I have had on 'my never ending list' of places to post about; like finalement, here it is.

The occasion I arrived for dinner to cover this post - I left slightly miffed at the server. I did not leave miffed at the establishment or the other service that is for the most part highly well quipped as ever and applies fine dining with an ease filled elegance as if I am in my own dining room sans the wreckage of my great room of course.

Case in point:'the server' asked as soon as I sat down if I have ever been to bb's before. That's not what bothered me; since I am a regular there and this guy was obviously new. What annoyed me #*%#@ outta moi; was his arrogance as he served us. His suggestions off the menu were specifically what we needed to go by and if not; he made us feel it with a brush of silence and all the forget-me-nots a scorned woman may vibe off in slight utterances....

Anyhow, case in point again: At least they had my favorite cheese bread sticks available. At least they had my favorite tuna tartar. They also had decent Viogner by the glass; which made everything all right at the end.

Okay - so beyond this 'girl' moment I was having; bb's has been a main stay to local elegant dining in a relaxed setting. I always feel like I am at 'home' there and many of times and usually all of the time; the service, food and hospitality is a notch way above others.

I just came back from nyc.

I forgot what it was like to SAY WHAT YOU MEAN.

I forgot what it was like to go out 'dining'.

I have this 'thing' about customer service. Exceptional customer service was everywhere in nyc - and if it wasn't they TOLD IT LIKE IT WAS, and there's no second guessing. Man, I like that so much. Takes my brain energy away from nonchalance. When I worked in Bev Hills - yes I did; back when rental off Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills the 90210 area was like $800 for a cool looking one bedroom apartment. I had an awesome apartment back then. Way better than Melrose Place. Not as dramatic goings on though.

Back to nyc stuff: The clients I worked with in the Bev Hills office were in nyc or from ny. Boy - they TOLD IT LIKE IT WAS.

Oh - nyc: the food.

That's my case in point for the next post: real food & nyc.

1019 Hendricks Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida
Tel 904.306.0100

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