Saturday, January 26, 2008

Late Night Korean Hot Pot.....actually a midnight snack

ban chan: kimchee in the middle surrounded by other marinated veggies - like radish, cucumbers, bell peppers with veggies....

Yukae Jang: Spicy Beef Soup - my favorite hot n' spicy soup; will kill any bug lingering in you.....

Rice dousing is necessary for this savory soup......

If you're viewing this for the first time; I know this might look frightening...but imagine the taste memory of beef stew yet spicy with shredded tender flank steak, chewy noodles, green onions, veggies in a spicy, salty, savory broth tempered with fluffy white rice: HEAVEN

Is it Kimchi Jjigae or Kimchi Jigae? Anyways....took a late night red eye for Kimchi Jjigae a.k.a. Kimchi Stew.....

We found this restaurant only a stone's throw away from Times Square. This was AFTER small bites(!) at Bobby Flay's Bolo (since December 31, 2007 has sinced closed after some 15 years or so :() - we were still hungry! I have to say since my return from nyc; I've been doing a raw foodist thing to get back to mormal. I'll post on that later.

WonJo Restaurant is located in New York's Korea Town area or Korea Way which is located between 5th Avenue and Broadway. It's a narrow passage full of restaurants, shops, Karoake Bars and a Korean grocery store stock full of everything I've missed since I left California.

I found their food hearty, extremely well prepared and close to Korean home cooking (this is hard to say because I come from an extremely versed family of incredible cooks).

After all that eating; I had this intense desire to check out their Karoake scene.
WHY YOU ask? I have no idea - but it was a desire for some reason.

Now the last time I went to Karoake it was probably some years ago when I lived in L.A. It's usually a restaurant/bar that has a Karoake stage for public viewing and participation right? Well we hit two Karoake bars on Korean Way and they only had PRIVATE Karoake ROOMS! What was that?

Basically, the patrons rented out a private room that had a flat screen with mic and their selections of music/videos. There were groups of really really young kids so I realized they probably didn't have their own place to do this. It wouldn't be cool to do this at home in your room while your parents were in the house right?

I realized this is their WAY (the kids) of having their own place with friends to hang out and Karoake.


I'm glad I have my own room.....whether to Karoake or not; but most likely to eat crackers and chocolate in bed :)

WonJo Restaurant
23 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
Tel 212.695.5815

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