Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dining @ 1171 sure fire treat inspires hope ........

the bread of life was wrapped in linen cloth.......blessings to have found the bakery that saved Jacksonville upon my view

The waiter shows up with a pretty bundle of just warmed baguette peeking through the neatly made linens from none other French Pantry. Anyone that shows up at the door stoop with French Pantry in their pocket speaks eloquence......

Mussels Sevilla...imagine smoky, tender, slightly al denté with mystical memories of the eastern seaboard right down to the last chew.....

The broth held up the mussels which lent a smoother essence than expected with a good dose of sauve seasoning to justify Pavlov's theory and even Anna Pavlova's innate desires for dessert's sake.....

Blackened Salmon.....waiter, waiter there's a galette on my plate!

Scallop & Shrimp glazed over that comfort me like apples.....

I do prefer my scallop more seared, but this preparation was more reminiscent of a classical French approach. My shrimp was a tad slight over done.....yet overall I found the chef's cooking approach mysteriously sweet and rather quite sensitive to the female palate and sensibilites.

I'll be waiting for Thomas Keller making jet deliveries with cute boxes of macarons from Bouchon Bakery to Murray Hill.....well maybe in my dreams......ya never know.

now where did I land?

I finally went, dined and wined with much nudging from all corners of northeast FLA's food freaks "insisting" I must go! As always - mucho mucho thanks for the insight my friends.

1171 Restaurant & Lounge is located in that hidden alcove of a place on Edgewood Avenue in that little place has been 'up and coming' et that promised 'emerging scene' like forever. 1171 was a sure fire sweep upward for me and I did notice they have quite a following to support their endeavors.

Let's cross our legs, dot our 'i's and hold up a tier of swiftly stirred real gin Beefeater martini (the way the real martini's supposed to be) glass up with chants and praise to uplift hopes fer sure and to lush out that emerging scene that has ever so been forever.

Across the street was Moon River Pizza and I was already salivating in hopes for an after dinner pizza run....(in case I left 1171 a tad too hungry - which wasn't the case). We stepped inside the new dining establishment to be greeted by freshly scrubbed young pretty faces (20-something skin is always so lovely!) that promptly seated us to our window side table (and large clean & smooth windowsills too - I LOVE large windowsills.....very elegant - am I a freak or what?)

The ceilings scaled fairly high enough in the fresh modern black n' steel bar and lounge area, accented by natural cherry wood tones. The overall feel was upscale with your 'often frequented neighborhood relaxed mood' type of thing going on. There was a large communal table slightly off center in the dining room that anchored that upscale 'home' vibe immediately.

Oh - and don't forget the fresh cut flowers. I have a wretched thing about plastic flowers. Nice fresh cut flowers in a sexy stout vase @ la each table too.

I was heartbroken for new york and homesick for san fran my city by the bay....little did I realize just a short drive and I was reminded at least for that evening what it was like to be transfixed by culture.

This post is just a small dollop @ 1171: all the right touches in all the right places in the middle of historic Murray local dining & the small businesses surrounding that abound.

You can read more details and see ample coverage on 1171 @ Jacksonville Confidential....great food stories there too.

I have promised the results of my melting pot recipes poll - and yes MANDU aka Korean dumplings were the on the spot winner......coming very soon @ how to make the best home spun Korean dumplings aka Mandu......

1171 Restaurant & Lounge
1171 Edgewood Avenue
Jacksonville, Florida


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Melting Pot Cooking and Korean American Recipes: Pavlov reactions?

homemade mandu inspired by my mom's recipe


Today - I have launched a POLL to hear your 'interests' @ Melting Pot Cooking and also if there is interest in new Korean American cooking(you can read more about this at the bottom of this post).

I would LUV your feedback - the POLL is simple and located on the right of this blog page.


Which dish would you like to try the most?

1. curry shrimp ssam: shrimp marinated with curry, peppers, brown sugar, other savory spices, seared and served with fluffy white rice in tender bibb lettuce leaves....

2. mandu: Korean dumplings filled with ground meat and minced vegetable filling. The tightly bound stuffed dumpling are then either boiled, deep fried or prepared as puffy sticky potstickers and served with seasoned soy sauce stock full of fresh minced ginger, garlic, scallions, green chili peppers, dried pepper flakes and sesame oil. Can also be made into a comforting soup with chewy rice cakes. I like making the broth with chicken breasts and smoked ham bones. Add some kick to the soup with the seasoned soy sauce mentioned just recently and you've got comfort in a bowl.

3. a really really good recipe for Korean BBQ Beef aka Bulgogi: I've experimented and narrowed down a fragrant mix so it's got the right balance of salt, sweet, smokey, savory and of course the tenderness factor using really good cuts of beef.

4. clam, garlic & shitake mushroom pizza:
this thin crust pizza is inspired by that pizza stand in Venice Beach, SoCal that is known for it's clam and garlic pizza. I knocked out a perfect system using store or pizzeria bought pizza dough that can be manipulated with lightweight effort into a thin, crispy & chewy resiliance. There are certain elements at play that make it work right. Don't forget the fresh minced basil & parsley with just enough cheese.....

5. avocado, tomato, prosciutto and alfalfa sprout sandwhich on sprouted wheat bread: this is melting pot at it's best from my San Francisco days. I also don't go wimpy on the avocado.....alfalfa sprouts & avocado are a winning combination. If you try to replace it with lettuce it doesn't work.

The poll is located on the right side of this blog. Do let me know as I have plugged Sunday, February 17 @ MIDNIGHT the LAST DAY to VOTE!

I am interested in reader response....taste to challenges?......prefer tradition?.....I am constantly refining my recipes!

*At the end of the poll I will post on the most popular response and perhaps more, depending on readership response.....

*Also - please feel free to comment if you'd like on what part of the world you are writing from; I appreciate that so much!

I have been on a Asian cooking quest as of late. For the most part it's prob' because I CANNOT find a digestable Chinese, Korean or Japanese restaurant in my neighborhood....let alone city....let alone all of northeast Florida.....actually the entire UPPER HALF of always, totally OPEN to suggestions.....

I don't even have a standard neighborhood take-out!

If I get real desparate, I call for Indian or Thai take-out.....

So with your insight I can see if these recipes are inticing and inviting.....

It's specifically Asian Melting Pot Cooking....Specifically Korean cooking.

More specifically - let's cut to the chase: Korean-American cooking.

my version of Korean 'Kanjang': a dipping sauce....perhaps like 'fresca' version

I add the word AMERICAN to describe what Korean food has evolved to TODAY in the STATES. I hate the word FUSION, and let's not use the word PAN-ASIAN.....maybe melting pot???....not modern or contemporary that sounds too dated.

No offense to the restaurateurs responsible in the northeast Florida vicinity....but a good portion of the traditional cooking has been watered down to a nothing-ness to please an extremely bland and fearful palate notable for this portion of the country. Great place for hush puppies, ribs, deep fried sweet potatoes and dill pickles - anything fried; you'll find in Jacksonville.

Now about Korean-American cooking: I am trying to describe a type of cooking that has retained it's fiery intensity yet is approachable MAKE and EAT. We're talking TIME while retaining the savory intensity of the ingredients. Anyone out there know HOW LONG IT REALLY TAKES to make EXCEPTIONALLY GREAT KOREAN FOOD? - it does take SOME TIME.....a GREAT DEAL OF TIME.

Don't know about alot of you guys but I have a FULL PLATE re: my schedule & life overall.

But every so often....that spice is nice.....esp. in down home Korean Cooking....real Seoul food....(eckkkkhhh....doesn't that sound cliché? - can't stand that word cliché either)

Pretty sweet (savory, salty, spicy, hot too...) & simple.

Duk Mandu Soup: Rice Cake & Korean dumpling soup with a douse of my simple or "hurry-up kanjang"

© 2008 recipes & photos Ingar Brunnett @

rolling out regal finds for food bloggers

'Her Royalness' aka The Leftover Queen*

Thanks to the royal food blogger herself; (also food critic and professional foodie extraordinaire to name just a few gallant roles) global food fanantics have been a-buzz and loop dee looped together with the launch of THE FOODIE BLOGROLL by The Leftover Queen aka Jenn. I have recently joined the 900 something other food, drink & eager to graze about the WORLDWIDE cyberspace in the stew of this savory blog roll.

So if you need a reference for more food finds check out THE FOODIE BLOGROLL on the right side of my blog. If you would like to broaden your own food related blog contact The Leftover Queen with your interest. Or just go to THE FOODIE BLOGROLL to the RIGHT and Click here to join for details. By joining you broaden your readership in just a few strokes via pass it on.

Her site is also packed with incredible recipes and insight on tantalizing cooking options. The photos alone are mouth watering and will ready you to trailblaze in earnest to the next farmer's market and fear not the contents of any tupperware thereafter! *photo credit The Leftover Queen @

Sunday, February 3, 2008

How to combine a raw food diet with chocolate chip cookies without the it possible?

In the beginning.....there was the RAW......

My Raw n' Wild Chop Chop Salad all DRESSED UP and everywhere to go.....

raw n’ wild chop chop salad
recipe by ©2008 Ingar Brunnett

4 ears of corn, trimmed off cob
2 cups fresh green beans, ends trimmed and sliced 1”
3 carrots, finely sliced into rounds
½ white onion, finely shredded
1” knob fresh ginger, skin peeled and minced
½ cup fresh basil, minced
2 tablespoons flat leaf parsley, minced

1/3 cup good olive oil
1 teasp. soy sauce

In a large bowl combine all the vegetables. In a small bowl whisk the olive oil and soy sauce until creamy. Toss dressing with vegetables.

Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate.

Health-IER - LOW FAT - LOW BUTTER - LOW REFINED SUGAR - LESS MILK - WHOLE WHEAT Chocolate Chip cookies with half the guilt and think so?

Yes.....I have a Dell.....

Can't stop biting......

Chocolate Chip Cookies with Less the Guilt
recipe ©2008 Ingar Brunnett

1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup unbleached flour
1 teasp. baking soda
1/2 teasp. Kosher salt
1 stick unsalted butter
½ cup good olive oil
½ cup maple sugar*
¾ cup light brown sugar
*Substitute another ½ cup of white sugar if maple sugar is not available for now (I am still experimenting!)
2 teasp. vanilla extract
2 pasteurized eggs (if you like to nibble on the cookie dough)
2 cups Ghirardelli Chocolate Chips (60% Cacao Bittersweet chocolate – good stuff: this is the stuff that TRUFFLES can be made with!)

Set oven to 375 F.

In a small bowl, combine flour with baking soda and salt.

In a large bowl, beat the butter, oil and sugar(s) at low speed until creamy. Then add the vanilla and eggs while mixing at a low speed until well combined.

Slowly blend in dry mixture until the entire mixture becomes creamy. Stir in the chocolate chips. Use a tablespoon to drop heaping tablespoons of batter. Make sure they are at least 1 ½ inches apart as these cookies will spread when baking.

Bake for 12 minutes until golden brown and enjoy the CHOCOLATE & CHEWY ABYSS....

This post will confirm my yin & yang personality. Confirm my dualism approach to everything?


Confirm I am a Gemini? Is this bi-polarism?

Most probably confirm that most likely I don't know what I want....

Yes; I have succumbed to RAW FOODISM and I have been loving it. Loving the recipes, loving the viewpoint and loving the exercise of chopping.

That's as far as the exercise portion will go.......the chopping board.

I am used to chopping; but this entails some REAL TIME chopping.

Yet all in all - I can't seem to do the RAW FOOD thing ALL DAY - I tried for a couple weeks and the end result.......I needed the unslightly thought of tacos from TACO BELL!!! It had to stop!

So rather that live the life of extreme (hah!) - I have found (or rather derived) another (excues of a...)balance perhaps....well, let's see how long this lasts.

In the midst of DUALISTIC feeding activities...etc. etc...: I have developed two AWESOME recipes in the meanwhile.

The Raw n' Wild Chop Chop Salad is my mainstay for the week. I make a huge tub of this to have on hand to accompany my avocado-alfalfa sprouts & ezekial bread sandwiches which is absolutely: RAVISHING

This type of lunch menu works out when I know I plan to eat something decadent for dinner or even lunch later in the week.

The LOWFAT LOW BUTTER SANS REFINED SUGAR WHOLE WHEAT (aka Chocolate Chip Cookies with Less the Guilt- yes I have a Dell and I'm Catholic too) cookies I literally baked TODAY and guess what???

They came out delicious.

My kids and plus the neighbor kids gobbled them up. I didn't tell them they were made with olive oil, maple sugar, whole wheat flour, unsalted butter and 60% cacao bittersweet chocolate (which is minus the mega dairy). Basically less of the artery clogging, less of the Gut binding, thigh building stuff that we could do without.

I also use Kosher Salt. PURE salt. Did you know that TABLE SALT has ANTI-CAKING SOLUTION that can be up to 40% anti-caking solution vs. the salt? Now that is some gut binding stuff.

Anyways - I mentioned TACO BELL previously since I am away from SoCal which houses a series of my favorite ROACH COACHES (aka MAGGOT WAGON - isn't that lovely?)famous for home made hand rolled carnitas in corn tortillas with lotsa cilantro, salsa fresca and fresh red radishes......

You can read about the GREAT L.A. TACO scene on one of my favorite blogs The Great Taco Hunt.

I could never ever be a the carnitas way to mucho!
I'll keep you posted as I refine the cookie recipe to be more body and heart friendly while remaining tasty.