Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the art of juicing: washing, trimming, juicing + slurrying

the beginnings of my morning juicing frenzy: romaine lettuce leaves, celery, apples, pears, lemons + knob of ginger

Green Lemonade adapted from The Raw Food Detox Diet by Natalia Rose

Before you cringe at the combination.....its actually quite good and the taste has become quite habit forming as the lettuce w. celery, lemon + ginger do dress well together. I always thought lettuce juice or wilted lettuce was gross, but this turned my head to a nod. Natalia Rose's recipe includes the use of 1-2 Fuji apples to sweeten up the lemonade and I have thrown in two baby seckel pears for good measure.

That mellow rustic appeal of pear really smoothes out the aftertaste in this morning elixir......

what the juicer spits out after all the ruckus......

my mid~morning trinity toward enzyme peace......still trying to wean myself off coffee......painful

scrubbed + trimmed by a fanatic - it's not as crazy + time consuming as it may appear.....but maybe it's me.....kinda like bathing babies, trimming toenails + brushing the hair back to make goo goo glossy new.....remember how pretty babies look after a nice bath?

wwwhat?.....who's spending too much time with vegetables?!

scrubbed carrots with a vegetable brush while singing tunes + trimmed the top nobs bruised from delivery......

As you noticed, I have had to split down some of the vegetables and fruits to make their way through the portal with ease.

this has been lunch as well as a second batch to revive me from my late afternoon lull

there is actually a good use for the remains....will tell......

orange has never been a flattering color on me except for when I was twenty something and it was a Yves St. Laurent lipstick shade that was hot orange......

Okay before you think I am schizoid about my food posts - yes I am quite extreme....but I do love my vegetables, fresh fruits and I enjoy decadent feasting as if I were dining reclined @ Roman banquet apr├Ęs watching the games @ the Parthenon.....I have always wanted to raise a toast with a silver chalice full of mulled wine.

But really at the end of the day.....all that feasting & jousting makes it way back to me.......and I totally refuse to wear that girdle + snug tube thing they are selling now.......what's that thing called? Why?! ~ just because I adore sausages....esp. Louisiana Hot Links doesn't mean I have to dress like one.

I am a baby(beginner) raw foodist ~ and am trying to balance + make happy my love for healthy & passionate decadent foods like the stuff I recently came across at ~ truly lovely gorgeous crazy bejewelled dining.

It may be impossible.

I admit, I am an extremist about things.

But funny has been working.

I am pretty raw 3/4 of the day (unless for lunch meetings where I try not to let all heck break lose) and at the end of the day eat a beautifully cooked dinner with lots of fresh vegetables.

I went through a transition period of just trying to do raw entirely and I did not do well. Was not a functional situation for me ~ I had to find the was eventually found simmering 'neath the supper pot ;-)

The juicing has just become part of my ritual ~ when I am busy and away. I juice everything in the morning & take with or keep storage in the fridge for later in the day as needed.

As if I didn't have anything else to do ~ but for those of you that do juice & include the raw diet in your daily gear....boy, it does make a big difference in how you feel!

Trying to live healthy & happy.....essentially want my cake, lobster, sushi rolls + slim trim waistline at the end of the day.....we'll see.

Okay ~ what to do with pulp?

I posed this question, and my GF who has one of those blissful gardens where everything blossoms + its always insanely lush suggested to make a 'slurry' for my flower beds:

"I blend up all my vegetable leftovers in my blender with water until I come up with a slurry that I then go out and pour directly into the soil in my garden. Oh, I put in the egg shells too, blend 'em up. Banana peels. Tea bags and coffee grinds and also the coffee filters -- add water and blend away.

The reason is, there is no soil here in Florida -- it's all sand. Nothing organic in there at all except what I'm feeding it with my leftovers.

When you pour the slurry into the earth, it absorbs quickly, goes to work with the worms and bugs......Sometimes I water it in a little if it sits on top of the soil too much.

The key is to not ever ever put any meat or protein or fats (oil) in with it ... and to throw in a little garlic if you have a clove, to keep critters away.

I do this several times a week. Always have a container on my counter for such stuff.

Other parts of the country they do actual composting, but here in Florida, too many bugs, bees, wasps, etc. so this has been a great solution. I have the yummiest flower garden soil this side of the Georgia line.

Just add water and pour it into your soil....maybe take a couple of good digs before and after to get it under the surface. Go check it in a week and see the fat earthworms chowing down.

If the earthworms are happy - then everybody's happy."
~ GF

Okay ~ so juicing can go full circle.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried the slurry on your plants?

makes sense to me, the banana peels, coffee grings and egg shells, I'd say tasty goods for plants.

Nicole said...

Wow! The photos with the celery, lettuce, apples and lemon could be framed! They are so nice. And the colors so pretty and subtle.

jd said...

What a great post! All of your pictures are really eye-catching.

I have a juicer, too, but I haven't been using it as much as I'd like lately. I think you just inspired me to give it another try!

Thanks :)

taste memory said...

lunch pail ~ yes just started too, not too consistent though since 'it's another thing to add on my list' of things to do...but, I have started and will keep everyone posted.

hello nicole ~ thank you for your kind words, appreciate that esp. coming from another art school trained artist!

jd ~ welcome, and thank you for visiting. I have recently pulled my juicer out from 'appliance purgatory' and trying to keep it a ritual. I luv your veg site btw.

KT said...

I love green lemonade (it really does taste like lemonade!)

Anonymous said...

Those look so fresh and refreshing! I love freshly blended juices like these.

RecipeGirl said...

Wow, what a brave quest! Glad it's making you feel great :)

Passionate Eater said...

I think you've inspired me to be healthy (and hungry)!

Melita said...

Your post reminded me just how much I used to eat fresh veggies and fruits when I was growing up (in Croatia). My favorite snack were carrots . I would pull them out of my mom’s garden, wash it right there with a hose, and snack on! Yum!
We had just about every vegetable possible, and many fruits; tomatoes, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, all sorts of greens, carrots, celery, you name it, we grew it.
Grapes were hugging my house and I could pick them off my window, as well as figs. We also had apples, plums, watermelons, peaches, strawberries, and the wilderness was full of blackberries, wild strawberries, and oh my favorite asparagus. Oh, memories.
I have no idea how I lost that habit of eating fresh fruit and veggies. I mean, I do, but not even close to when I was a kid. I guess because now I have to pick them up at the grocery store, and it’s not as fun as it was seeding/planting, and eagerly waiting for it to grow. Sorry, I got carried away! : )
Wonderful post, good luck with your raw endeavor, that is so awesome!!! Love the photos!

taste memory said...

Hi katyK ~ glad to hear someone else likes it too, it definitely grows on you, now I crave it.

hillary ~ hello & welcome again... do love your site + so much you are doing!

recipe girl ~ yes, yet another quest for me. Hello & welcome, thanks for stopping by.

passionate eater ~ oh awesome; great to hear from the ultimate savory food blogger! Luv your eating adventures....this has been a health turn I am enjoying...I luv rich foods, but luv the veggies+fruits too. If this doesn't stick, a friend told me I can just throw heck out the window and by bigger pants :0 !

Hi Medena ~ Your description of your childhood home and experiences were awesome! Thanks for that wildly descript insight - you should definitely write/blog about that. How incredibly fortunate + decadently gorgeous way to grown up. What a fantastic garden you must have had - wow - you picked grapes from your window sill that grew wild about your house! I love the idea of 'food & memory' thus 'taste memory' about our memories of food in our lives....I can only imagine your stories of coming back from the garden into your kitchen....what recipes+stories you must have! thanks for dropping by and your kinds words. Do tell us more!

cakewardrobe said...

Don't you feel better about this alternative to coffee?? :) I'm so against the every day ritual of coffee. This looks like a long process but well worth it for your body!

Monika said...

That octopus on your header makes me hungry. also this entry, it's so fresh and spring!!

Corinne M said...

I have always wanted to become a raw foodist but it has always been a little overwhelming. I would always be afriad to go out to eat, and I love steamed veggies so I don't think I could commit but I like the way that you are easing yourself into it! The whole raw food experience just seems so clean and fresh!

Keep up the great work! I might have to go out and buy a juicer now too!

Nina Timm said...

I've tried this and as they say: "been there, done that, got the t-shirt!".

I have not yet found the balance maybe it is the discipline I lack. They say it takes 21 days to break a bad habit, but is coffee a bad habit????

taste memory said...

cakewardrobe ~ I am easing into this and half to admit am still enjoying my two cups of coffee in the a.m. Can't let go of that at least for now :)

chililady ~ that was the yummiest grilled octopus @ bobby flay's bolo which is no longer...bummed!

hello corinne ~ I have been enjoying this immensely but I do love cooked foods and savory ethnic foods. I don't intend to go 100% raw because I just love eating so many things that I would miss out. I do the raw for part of the day to keep my energy level up and my waistline trim.

I was really starting to look like a sushi roll other wise ;-)

hi nina ~ if i were in your household & eating what you are making which looks absolutely divine - I would not be able to do this! I do love my coffee in the morning, so its not going anywhere for the time being!

Nicole said...

I can't believe how healthy everyone is! I should eat more like this to whittle down my waistline. You have a lot of will power. I am too often on the "see food" diet!

taste memory said...

nicole ~ i like that one too...! even more so 'seafood' diet is good too....shrimp, lobster, crab, abalone, tuna, mahi mahi....blackened with ponzu sauce...i'm hungry and still haven't had my morning juice!

Nicole said...

Ohhhhh..... YUMMMM!!!!!! I want sushi now!! Forget the blackening. Just give it to me raw. I don't get as much fish as I used to. Luckily I have a "date" with a sushi loving girlfriend next week! I am sure we will do some damage!

taste memory said...

nicole ~ it's been hard to find fresh + just plain GOOD sushi out here in ne florida. I have had some nightmarish experiences! I might be heading back to SoCal this summer to visit family - let me know if you have any sushi places to recommend in OC or elsewhere like Santa Monica/LA.

Enjoy your sushi outing & have a maguro & spicy tuna roll for me ;-)

Nicole said...

Well I don't know LA area too too well but I heard that Nobu opened a restaurant up there so really you can't go wrong with that! It is huge with the celebrities too.

In OC I recommend "Blue Fin". I literally have fantasies about some of their food! Different places have different "best things" for me. At Blue Fin, I practically have a love affair with the albacore! Get it in sushi or sashimi. Both are amazing! But Abe (the owner) is just an amazing chef. Do tell me if you go there! Hey, maybe I will meet your there! If I could ever get away from the kids.

taste memory said...

hey nicole - thanks for the suggestions....Blue Fin sounds yummy! Would love to meet up with you....I'll keep you posted as it gets closer and if all falls into place; would love to meet a fellow food blogger. We could take pix for our posts while @ sushi while everyone is staring at us wondering why we are taking photos of fish on a plate ;-)

yum~I am a fan of albacore, sushi + sashimi.

If you can't get away from the kids - I can schlep mine with moi & we can meet @ In n' Out....naahh...two gourmet bloggers @ In n' Out??!

Nicole said...

Yes. Please keep me posted about your trip. Any excuse for sushi and I am there! I love it! Who cares if they think we are strange taking photos. Maybe they will just think it is the sake. ;-)

In 'n Out??????? As if... Ha ha!
I happen to think that hamburgers are one of the most perfect foods. It contains, meat, vegetables and bread! I am a huge fan. But let's aim for sushi first.

zlamushka said...

wow, you re fighting freshly brewed dipping coffee with THAT? ...

I am just teasing you ;-) Giving up coffee has to be terrible. I am not sure I could do that. But I love your juiced combos. I am curious to see how you use the leftovers.

taste memory said...

zlamushka ~ I still drink coffee in the mornings @ 2 cups. I schedule my juicings in the morning and have juice latr for the late afternoon pick me up.

I did try to knock out coffee but ended up with killer headaches!

Since January 2008, I am happy to say I lost 10 lbs. with the aid of juicing....nice not to have a double chin I'd say!

yeah - i do love my coffee beans!