Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Baking and Breaking Bread with friends and family really.....

*The BE THE LOAF campaign began after Triumph the Church applied for a grant asking Panera Bread for day old bread to feed the children in their after school care program. They responded by offering one loaf a bread a month to feed the 50 or so children.......O K A Y.....

*"All children need some sort of after-school care," said Pastor Criswell, who has become known in his neighborhood for taking on thugs and street-sold drugs. "We have to break the cycle of poverty and crime through education. But growing children need an after-school snack."

*I'm wearing the green apron playing celeb chef making pretzels with the kids. So much excitement playing with dough.....mind you we worked with the pre-made Publix pizza dough to get the 'ball rolling'. First Coast News camera guy and all......

Once again, Publix pizza dough saved the day.....perfect for cinnamon rolls, pretzels (really!), flat bread pizza & I made pepperoni rolls.....give me a break ~ I am by no means a pastry chef....too much math involved. This got the job done deliciously.......

the girls admiring the flat bread pizza ~ just cooling down before snack time

*Moi~TasteMemory Girl gladly takes on the role of celebrity chef of the day with Triumph's awesome kids. Mucho Thanks Suzanne for inviting me to launch the baking campaign....!

*How fun is it to make your own chocolate chip cookies?

*Sheri Weitzner (left) came with her husband Jeffrey to share their all-time cookie recipe with the kids......

This was fantastic fun.

Rolling.....stretching......dusting.....mending.....lending and baking bread with these little ones was way too much fun.

The best part of it was they had a blast! They also gave me pointers about not too much salt or too much sugar. Very good nutritional advice from these savvy kids!

This was all part of the recently launched BE THE LOAF campaign in an effort to provide a safe haven and after-school care program for children in Jacksonville's troubled northside.

The brain child behind this campaign is Suzanne Yack.

btw: If you don't know her.....you definitely should.

Suzanne has a tried and true history that will outshine the brilliance of any newly buffed diamond as far as heaven sent integrity goes. Out of pure dust (a bit of flour and words of wisdom too) she has voluntarily pioneered a campaign that is reflective of the loaves and fishes miracle. BE THE LOAF has arisen with hope for the children at Triumph the Church's after-school care program lead by Pastor Moses Criswell and Suzanne's Yack's insight.

Last week, the program was not only amped with special coverage on First Coast News and the Florida Times Union, but the campaign received the honorary Points of Light Award from Florida Governor Charlie Crist. On February 27, Pastor Moses traveled to Tallahassee to the governor's mansion to receive the award from the governor.

Now that is a launch.....done well.........

An excerpt from their press release started simply by asking for a miracle:

"Triumph the Church offers a safe sanctuary and tutoring for children on Jacksonville's low-income northeast side is asking for the community of good usable bread-making machines, peanut butter, jelly and juice."

Well, you know what happened at the Sermon of the Mount don't you? To make the invitation wider to all our friends - perhaps the concept of stone soup mixes well too.....

Well.......It's been quite and outpouring of bread machines. After they maxed out on bread machines; donations are slowly trickling in to feed these children healthy after school snacks, a little money to pay the gas bill and maintain stability for this program.

The 'celebrity chef' baking program has morphed from baking pretzels, cinnamon rolls, pizza and now chocolate chip cookies to showing the children how to make nutritious meals using 5 ingredients is scheduled as well.

BE THE LOAF is still in it's infancy and asking for donations and community support to help build a strong and lasting foundation for these children. All contributions go directly to the BE THE LOAF campaign.

More will be posted on this program.....

For more details and/or would like to make a donation you may contact SuzanneYack@operamail.com

For details visit http://betheloaf.wordpress.com/

Triumph Community Development Corporation is a 501c3 at Triumph the Church. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

*photo credit © 2008 Suzanne Yack


Suzanne Yack said...

Delicious project, indeed. Thanks for being the best slice in the loaf, Ingar. You've captured it precisely and the spirit of the project shines on your site.

I was over at Triumph yesterday and some of the kids are working on school science projects. They don't have enough tutors there and the kids are behind on their projects, not understanding what is expected of them. A. We need some tutors to sign up to help from now until the end of the school year and B. I wish we had a science project idea that would involve cooking in the kitchen and the scientific method. Maybe even something involving yeast. Anyone have any ideas?

Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful to read about people making a difference in young people's lives. i love this!!!!!

Bobby said...

I love to bake however with me working at Narconon drug rehab facility and being a single mother I have very little time to bake. If anyone has any ideas on quick cookie ideas let me know.