Friday, March 21, 2008

bare necessities: salad + veggie roll

my daily ritual relies on fruits from the avocado tree, endless roots of carrots, buds from baby romaines, the green asparagus plant......all quite underscored in a sprouted whole grain tortilla and not to be missed are those lively sprouts to make everything new again.....

This salad + veggie roll has been one of my favorites lately. I hesitate in saying the word 'wrap' since the ones I have tried at the restaurants try to imply they are healthy but often times I find over burdened with excessively cloying greasy substances.

Now don't get me wrong....I love oil in my cooking....can't do without ~ but I love really good olive oil.....sesame oil.....grape seed oil and even sunflower oil.

I just don't like recycled regurgitated hydrogenated oils that seem to burden our foods.'s my favorite lunch time ritual:

salad + veggie roll
© 2008 Ingar Brunnett,

*Ezekial sprouted whole grain flourless tortillas or similar to your liking
*baby romaines or romaine lettuce leaves
*alfalfa sprouts
*avocado slices
*carrot sticks
*asparagus or sliced cucumbers or whatever you prefer
*optional: veganaise grapeseed oil dressing ~ omg; i luv this stuff....tastes + has the scent of mayonnaise! this is eggless and very heart & body healthy.
*optional: a few slices of meat of your choice

Roll forward can cut in half with a sharp knife and wrap it in plastic wrap to take with you or enjoy now!

For lunch on the run ~ I end up eating two of these to fill me up.

Delicious with a simple dipping sauce made with a shot of soy sauce + shot of sriracha or hot sauce of your liking.

someone told me that alfalfa sprouts combined with avocado creates a taste sensation that is a match made in heaven......I do agree.


Anonymous said...

Very nice picture of the vegetables. And the comment was was very interesting to me.

Anonymous said...

Deliciously yummy. You've inspired me. I'll have an avocado for breakfast. - S

taste memory said...

elaine ~ thnx, perfect for a day that leads to bountiful....

s ~ more fresh details to follow

Anonymous said...

Your food looks really delicious; you inspire me to eat more healthily X

MPG said...

Yummy & healthy! This is actually my favorite for lunch...I make wraps & sandwiches out of this same basic combination. Avocado always adds a great richness without any dressings.

taste memory said...

jen ~ great.....i have to remind myself often!

mango pwr girl ~ don't you just love avo? You're right this combo can do w/out any dressings if you've got the avo....I have been craving the avocado ice creams/sweet desserts from india....

Nicole said...

That avocado looks PERFECT!!!!!!

La Bella Parisio said...

Beautiful Colors!! Everyting looks yummy..