Friday, March 14, 2008

portrait of a garden

Friday night healthy meatless supper included my favorite ingredients for this jewel of a salad I have named 'Bethany's Garden' just looks like looks like Bethany's Garden to me.....

a simple bouquet of watercress is how it got started ~ I found this beautiful bouquet of organic watercress looking up at me @ the produce aisle at my local Native Sun. It reminded me of summer and running outside at night.....then it made me smile ~ so I decided it should come home with me......

the corn kernels are raw too....they're sweeter raw....when corn is served raw it's considered a vegetable & not a starch ~ let's save the starch for the BREAD

I made this gorgeous salad last Friday night with the organic watercress (the one shown above) that followed me home from Native Sun. This was literally a last minute supper thrown together in haste. It's also a meatless day for me (Lenten Fridays!) so I grilled a wild rice tempeh patty with water, wine & soy sauce, then topped it with organic rennet free cheddar cheese on Ezekiel bread - turned out to be a savory & filling Friday night dinner.

When was the last time I had fish sticks and tator tots for Fridays during Lent???

That might actually be a great cooking challenge to remake a healthy retro version of that......

The salad I made included the following organic ingredients which amped up the taste value considerably - organic watercress+beets+carrots and organic raw almonds.

I also prefer to use old fashion carrots in their natural born SHAPE - not the pre-formed baby carrots which are completely tasteless! Try going back to eating and cooking with big meaty carrots and you'll taste the difference in quality.

You'll return to the sweet, crunchy and earthy taste of a true root vegetable rather than biting into pre-meditated water-filled Styrofoam.

Unfortunately, I don't live in an area where farm fresh organic produce is overtly available in mass diverse think massive access @ New York's GREENMARKET.

I was in Manhattan last November '07, when I finally walked up from the subway onto Union Square Park and found myself in the middle of farmer's market heaven ~ i literally ~ nearly began to well up with tears....nearly....

Luckily what I do have access to is one of my favorite locales @ Native Sun, as mentioned earlier as well as my local grocery store Publix which is beginning to carry a significant selection of organic goods.

So work with what you have and at least try it. It makes such a significant difference in taste and ultimately in your health ~ as well as those that sit down and 'supp with you!

Here's the salad recipe I managed to orchestrate for Friday night's dinner:

really not too much prep time ~ YES these are raw beets and raw almonds and s w e e t as can be

Bethany's Garden: salad & dressing recipe
© 2008 Ingar Brunnett,

2 large carrots, shaved with a potato peeler
1/2 cup white onion, finely shredded
1 bunch of fresh watercress, bottom 'root' ends trimmed
2 ears of uncooked corn, kernels removed*
1 fresh beet, outer skin peeled off then sliced into matchsticks
1 cup raw almonds, hand crushed with mallet in a plastic bag

easy garlic ginger dressing
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/2 cup good olive oil
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, finely minced
1 fresh garlic clove, finely minced
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
freshly ground black pepper

In a small bowl, whisk all the ingredients together for the dressing.

In a medium bowl, combine the carrots, onions and 1/4 portion of the prepared dressing. Combine dressing with shaved carrot mixture and set aside in refrigerator.

Prep salad ingredients as noted above.

*Trim corn off the cobb: Place medium size bowl on a flat surface. Place flat corn cobb end inside the bowl with one end of the cobb on the bottom of the bowl. Hold the top end with one hand to keep upright. Use a small sharp knife to trim the kernels off the cob beginning from the top of the cobb and running the knife through to the bottom. Trimming the cobb inside the bowl will keep the kernels from shooting all over your kitchen counter and floor.

In a large salad platter, gently toss remaining dressing with watercress. Gently combine the marinated carrots to the watercress. Top with corn kernels, beets and almonds.

This savory melange of a salad is delicious with chewy, dense whole grain bread or you can make toastettes from my favorite sprouted whole grain bread: Ezekiel Bread with a brush of olive oil, light sprinklings sea salt & shavings of Horizon Organic Cheddar Cheese which is absolutely rennet free and tastes like the real deal.....

Also ~ Thank you for visiting me and all your awesome comments. I am really glad to have met all of you this past week through cybersphere - again thank you for stopping by! It's been great visiting your blogs too and reading about what is happening on your side of the globe.....and thank you to Blogger for highlighting Taste Memory as one of your blogs of note ;-) !!!

Also on the pending posting list for Korean Cooking fans.....Yuk Gae Jang: Spicy Korean Beef Soup.....that's up next since I can currently tell it's been a visual obsession of mine for the past week.



High Power Rocketry said...

Wow that looks fresh.

Everymatter said...

congratulations on being selected in blog ofnotes

A problem shared said...

I agree with the first comment. Looks great. I like watercress. I like the peppery taste!

Jennifer D. said...

I love Native Sun's produce - there's nothing better!

Anonymous said...

Great photos!! I can almost feel the taste :)

Nicole said...

Wonderful site! I just love how herbs, fruit and vegetables can often make the very best centerpieces! Congrats on getting "blog of note."

Anonymous said...

Great blog, Ingar - an I love the photos! Thank you for providing all this info and all the best to you.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

OOOOOOoooo this all looks very scrummy! I love beetroot!

(But I prefer soda bread and honey!)


Alice + Eric said...

Makes me hungry! I don't have the patience to cook though. I am too slow because I want to do everything perfect...which is impossible. That's why I pay the professionals good money for good food.

l.a. said...

how funny, i live in very rural virginia, and sometimes (especially this time of year) it's really hard to find interesting or good produce. we have some local organic farms that i know of, but in winter, sometimes the production is lacking. anyhow, the funny part is i actually just got back from new york on sunday and i went to the union square green market! i got some great cheddar from bobolink dairy and some beautiful quince preserves. i also found beautiful produce, some locally grown, in the store agata and valentina in new york, which i also brought home. i'm actually going to post about what i cooked with it tomorrow. anyhow. love your blog's focus on beautiful veggies. cheers!

She says.. said...

I am so happy I found your page, as a college student it's hard to keep up with all the organic food especially on a budget, however at least i can get an idea of what to buy when i go to trader joes so i don't spend money on certain food that i don't know what goes with what! if that all makes any sense! :)

Chia Kylie said...

I like the way you put food out to be... It's like total indulgence but with a lot of style and sophistication. were you a chef b4? It is just so professional! That is, the way you cook and setup the blog...

Corinne M said...

I just found your blog through the google blogs of note and I love it! Everything is right up my ally because I love good fresh vegetarian food! Congrats on an awesome blog, I am definitely going to come back!


Your food looks so good! SUPER MUMMILICIOUS LOOKING!

Thanks for Sharing babe!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I live by the Union Square Greenmarket and there isn't quite as much available as there is in SF, where everything seems to be organic.

BTW, your pics are always gorgeous!

taste memory said...

Hey all,
Good to hear from you ~ I'm not at a place with overflowing options of organic food. Not even a Whole Foods here ~ actually they are building one close by...can't wait.

Nicole ~ i wish i had more of a decorator's eye, this kind of stuff is as far as I can go making things look pretty...!

TinyMango ~ don't you just love nyc? can't seem to get enough when i go back came back with some awesome finds ~ i'm sure it inspired you to use those ingredients creatively

she says ~ oh yes those college years! you are definitley lucky to have a Trader Joe's ~ actually I love their dumplings (in the frozen section)

curry fish head ~ hey fish head: no nada chef....grew up around foodies & food freaks though

jessica ~ oh man, that's TOO much you are LIVING in nyc & even NEAR the greenmarket. i am truly deprived & you are truly in nirvana. luv your site btw!

Mucho munching all....

Thistlemoon said...

Hey Ingar! I have been wanting to check out this place for a while! We just moved to St. Augustine a few months back! I didn't know you were a JAX girl! What a small world!

taste memory said...

jenndz ~ i was thinking the same about you...i recently saw a picture with your link with rows of gelato that totally reminded me of that gelato & coffee place in the historic square.

Glad to know another food crazed blogger is nearby :)

isn't all this sunshine great?!

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Hi Ingar,

Great recipe for a salad. Have you heard of the recent food rave of KFC - Korean Fried Chicken , that is sweeping major cities in the USA?

Last evening the local ABC TV channel did a segment on it. I've scoured Korean cookbooks but can find no recipe for it at all. The newly opened restaurant that ABC visited refused to disclose their method saying it was a closely guarded secret !

taste memory said...

Hi Carolyn G ~ yes i have and when i was in nyc last year i tried to make it over to a spot that specialized in it....

my mom started making it years back, when i was growing up in california ~ she called it hawaiian chicken.....but i think she got the recipe from a friend of a friend that lived in hawaii that was korean. My mom's version is very similar to the marinade for bulgogi.

Anyways, funny you should mention this because i have been working on the recipe trying to tweek it better. i am having some issues ~ it should be a future post.

i luv your take on it - it looks delicious....i guess i am trying to make mine healthy ~ it might be impossible!

Holi said...

Hi, I adore the bouquet and
the salad looks positively delish,
can't wait to try creating the
salad this Tuesday after feasting
all holiday.