Monday, April 7, 2008

taste memory: retrospective of food & memory

comfort me with lemons......

remembering juicy lemons drenched in fairy dust sugar and running across the grass with the sprinklers on......

Does the thought make you pucker?

I remember sour, sweet, sugar granules and endless sun filled afternoons growing up in California.

It's been one year since I've been blogging Taste Memory and it's been a fantastic one at that.

In the past few months, you may have noticed I've re-directed my posts to focus primarily on my own cooking as well as 'taste memory' food thoughts.

I initially began with restaurant & other foodie type reviews and have decided to do less of that for the time being......unless I am traveling and if for some reason I have an outlandish dining experience locally that runs the gamut of a must post. For the most part, (unfortunately) - I have found dining in northeast Florida completely challenging and many times disappointing.

I have had my share of horrifying, gut wrenching (stomach doubled-over literally)food as well as scary sushi experiences that I have declined to comment upon........other cringes include lackluster food preparation, service, sanitary conditions and the overall 'experience of dining' as a foreign concept at many of these establishments.

The other has been the disappointing turn around(going out of business) and change over in ownership(effecting quality) at these restaurants.

Now please keep in mind, there are several tried and true establishments that are definitely worth writing about.....but.....long story short - the restaurant reviews will be on the sidelines for now.

To keep things tantilizing ~ I will be doing a new series INTERVIEWS WITH THE CHEF....very soon ;-)

At the end of it all; I am plain sick of lackluster food + food service around here. Enough said and don't want to rant about dinings thereafters having to seek detoxifying herbs or more to cleanse my system after the experience.....

Not to be a snob ~ yet at an early age I was raised by extreme foodies in the midst of the San Francisco bay area's food I naturally gauge my palate against the foundational 'palate training years' of my former haunts on the west coast.....or maybe I'm just an obnoxious food snob?

I do like In n' Out Burger!

Also to mention my latter years of dining haunts that have left me awestruck and mesmerized by talented individuals and restaurants who's dedication and passion toward food + service leave no room for funny business.....

With that said, Taste Memory the blog has evolved into my favorite theme of the connection of food and memories; touching on both past and present glimpses.

The new visuals of the fresh sliced lemons are reminiscent of my childhood during a time when I thought everything was as endless as the warmth of the sun, orangesicles, swimming in kiddie pools, sharpening wooden Popsicle sticks on the sidewalk, climbing cherry trees and anticipating freshly baked french bread delivered at my parent's San Francisco deli every morning.....except Wednesday because the bakery closed every Wednesday.

Taste Memory is about where I come from, where I am right now and where I long to go to challenge myself.....I look forward to sharing more about this in upcoming posts.

I also look forward to hearing about your food + memory stories as well ~ thanks for stopping by btw.....

Also ~ KatyK @ Raw Vegan Lifestyle tagged me (btw KatyK ~ so sorry you will be taking a break - I love your voice) about five things about me you prob didn't know abou me:

1. I love the ocean waters as I grew up sailing on days after school.....

2. English is my second language and I can barely speak Korean now....though I would love to!

3. I have this affinity for anything French and especially for the southwestern coast of France.....quite odd I know - never been + don't know why!

4. I love being around fog

5. I miss my father intensely since he passed away about 6 years ago.....but the funny thing is ~ I sense that I understand him more than I did when he was alive.

at least everyone left with a smile on their face thinking about sunshine.....

What are your taste memories?........past, present + future thoughts that linger in your heart to palate?


Anonymous said...

That is simply amazing. An epicurean demonstration of the power of the mind. Mouthwatering.

Nicole said...

I LOVE your new header! Looks great. So perfect for spring/summer. Lemons are so enticing. And YES I DO remember dipping lemons in sugar and licking and sucking and eating them while playing on the front lawn!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Lemon Shots? I swear I don't even drink regularly but that's the thought I had. The picture/header is really beautiful though!

Melita said...

From this photo I can almost feel the warmth of sunshine!
I like the header; lemons work great for me, it's all about lemons lately! :)
Thanks for kind words in reply to my comment; you got me thinking and I shall write something about the era of me growing up soon. Ah, it was so long ago! ;)

taste memory said...

cooking genie ~ hello & thnx for insight about memory + love+specialty!

nicole ~ its amazing the lemon + sugar recall to our childhood....I always thought it was just a 'california' thing as I grew up there, but am finding it totally commonplace; kinda like those orangesicles!

jessica ~ yeah makes me think of lemon shots, though I haven't tried that yet....but makes me think about the sicilian limoncello...yum!

hey medena ~ I'm in that springtime mood - I've been into citrus + bioflavanoids lately!
good to hear from you - from what you've shared, you've got some great food memories from your family's amazing once we open the door to that just a wee bit, how much more comes flooding out.

I am writing my memoirs on food, growing up in san francisco + my parent's cultural heritage via Korea....sometimes it's hard knowing where to start; but I always start at a certain moment in time with a particular food memory and the story writes itself once I get out my own way!

Nicole said...

Well it is GOOD to be a snob sometimes! It shows taste! Both literally and figuratively. Lovin' the lemons.... still. I grew up in So. Cal. myself so they were always a staple.

Elle said...

Those are gorgeous photos, and make me want warmer weather now. But looking at the temp, it's only 36. We have a way to go, yet. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog!

Elle said...

It's funny, I made lime bars yesterday and took all these shots of the limes, hoping to use one somewhere on my blog. I ended up deciding on the header, just like your lemons!

taste memory said...

nicole ~ the frustration of dining here is when I am tired of cooking and I just want take out Chinese or neighborhood Italian. Nothing reliable here - my back up has been a decent Indian restaurant and a few posh dining spots when able to get sitters, but too upscale to schlep kids too.

elle ~ hello there, yes we've had back + forth weather here. I got these on a sunny day and I am just amped for the sun to start taking over again!

can't wait to see the limes & lime bars. Yes - citrus + just fruits in general photograph beautifully....look forward to more of your yummy posts + new header.

Penni said...

I LOVE your blog! I am so happy to know you're out here writing such wonderful memories. I have many! You're writing style is spectacular and I will be eager to keep up with you from now on! Thanks for visiting my blog today....we're all on this exciting journey with food and in my case right now, w/ juice! So happy to hear you're juicing!

All the Best!!

Anonymous said...

Who knew sugar and lemons would be so pretty?! Nice header.

Nicole said...

I understand your issues. I actually have the same problem here. In Newport there were soooo many great places! And now... such suburbia. So many chains which are okay but not fabulous. And for me take-out is usually a pizza now because it is the only thing delivered. It is such a chore to schlep the kids into the car etc... to pick something up and my husband is home only 5% of the time for meals. Alas I end up making pathetic quesadillas too often.

Melita said...

It is my great pleasure to present you with the E award!!!

I got busy around the house, forgot all about adding more blogs for awards, and one of my favorites-yours!
Spring is sort of here, and I was so happy to go outside, even if it meant cleaning! :)))
Today was the first day I didn't neat heat, since October of last year! Yeah!

Antonio Tahhan said...

your lemon pictures are beautiful!! when are you starting your new blog? I love the idea of linking memories to food - keep posting!

taste memory said...

Penni ~ Hi there & thank you for the words of encouragement! I have finally developed a pretty good juicing schedule that works in this busy life that I am trying to S L O W down. Thanks for visiting me here and I look forward to returning to your blog for your incredible journey...

hi Hillary ~ tart & sweet it is....perhaps its combining the opposites?!

Medena ~ Thank you so much; I am quite flattered and appreciate this gesture! I have proudly displayed the lovely E award you have given my on my blog. I plan to include in my upcoming posts shortly and pass down to others.
Talk soon....

Antonio - Hello again. I will continue to blog here at just plan to focus on food & memory stories. The next post will be the start of my revised theme of food & memory. Thanks for visiting and I look forward to reading more about your adventurous cooking - actually more than cooking - your 'culinary' posts!

I'll have the new post up in a day or two....thanks for your patiences, I've been kinda crazed here ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's nice to find your blog. I find it very refreshing, you're a really good writer and I'll be back!

(btw: I was born and raised in Southwestern France, I posted a special recipe for Gateau Basque about 2 weeks ago. You should check it out. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a sunny post! Good luck on your new direction, I will enjoy hopping on board for the ride..

taste memory said...

zen chef ~ hello & welcome...thoroughly enjoy your blog & writing style as well. You had me convinced; I thought your blog was somewhere in a bustling city in France or perhaps London till I read further to find in a food centric city in the u.s.!

what a great experience to have gone to culinary school in the Basque region - amazing what our parents did with us isn't it!?

my french kitchen ~ hello there & welcome....I'm in the mood for sun!

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Congratulations on the first anniversary of your blog, Ingar. You've done a great job and was awarded the " Blogs of Note " by Blogger.

Growing up in the sunny South we grew just about everything we cooked so it was not only delicious but healthy. Soul food cooked with love.

Then by some odd quirk of fate I married a Korean and learned a whole new cuisine which I love. For the life of me I don't understand why Korean cuisine hasn't become a food sensation like Thai or Chinese. I may be prejudiced but I think its SO much better :)

Looking forward to many more creative posts.

taste memory said...

Hi Carolyn ~ always so good to hear from how you put your words in plain sight right down to the point with a fun sass about it! I had an 'adopted' uncle from Mobile, Alabama growing up and he introduced us to 'soul food' from the south....specific dishes were ham hocks and red beans, grits, louisiana hot links which we would make po'boy sandwiches and a favorite, which might gross out some people but pigs feet that was steamed. Then immediately cold chilled and my mom would serve with Korean gangjang w. lots of chopped scallions.....good eats!

man, I cannot eat like that anymore else I'd be walking around like a sushi roll with no waist!

I love reading about your life on your some ways it reminds me of mine....full of dichotomies, but at the end of the seems to work ;-)

Thank you for your kinds words of support!