Thursday, May 22, 2008

Crazy Coconut Cravings: Ways to crack, save the juice + appendages intact . . . .

young raw coconut ~ looks harmless enough doesn't it?

Yes, it can be done.

I cracked this coconut open while retaining my dignity, fingers and the highly coveted coconut water.

Everything has remained intact.

No need to throw it up against the sidewalk or mistakenly at a loved one standing in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

I came across a couple of methods suggesting to use a cleaver or machete.

Now why would I have such an accoutrement in my kitchen......yet in my home?

Step 1: Pick out a lovely bare white smoothly shaved coconut. This one has had part of the outer shell removed and what is left is the protective husk. If you got the whole freakin' green thing that fell off the tree, you probably need a machete or cleaver and I don't do that sort of thing. Make sure there are no bruises and signs of discoloration which indicates it may have lingered around too long.

You want a white bruise~free untarnished husk. These should be kept chilled in the refrigerator section of your nearest green grocer or ethnic store.

It was really easy. But I must begin by saying ~ don't do this at home, especially when intoxicated or otherwise and really, it's not my fault. This is a documentation on how I did this rather than instructional services that may lead to 'well she said it was safe.......'oh and by the way ~ I did read recently, that coconut water from the young coconut has often been compared to human blood plasma. Thus mentioning, in case a 'vessel with proper liquids to preserve + transport' any appendages to the ER......or was that comparison to compositional make up referring to seaweed?

Anyways, what I am trying to say is don't take my word for it.

*Go seek a professional when in doubt.

on a steady surface, I angled the coconut as such......with a very well sharpened knife, I sliced off the top portion of the husk as shown.

2. Slicing the top portion is quite easy..........

Bare faced charm


3. Holding the knife firmly in my right hand, I used the base of the blade as shown to thrust an opening on the top of the coconut........while KEEPING my left hand FAR + WAY ~ actually snug behind my back!

psycho action shot........hey watch those fingers!

I am often reminding myself to keep my left hand away from all the action. What I don't want to do is hold the coconut with my left hand while hacking with the knife in my right hand. Anything can slip ~ so I am better to be cautious and keep my left hand behind my back.

4. I made a merry circle of blade hacks atop the coconut........this was one of the FRESHEST young coconuts as of late! By this time the nutty sweet fragrance of the coconut water was seeping through its carcass. My hands were literally beginning to sweat with coconut fluids (not blood) during this part of the process.

Once I got close to the 'top hat' portion of the coconut open, some of the water literally spewed all over the kitchen counter. So I was ever so gentle in trying to retain as much water as possible.

Dignity intact

I just had to make sure I made the opening large enough to get my hands inside to remove the tender young coconut meat.

the coconut water in this one was exquisite. I had kept this one chilled in the 'fridge prior meeting its demise. The water meeting the rim of the coconut is the real thing!'

Chilled coconut water from the young coconut is highly addicting.

It's fragrant, slightly sweet and nutty sensation with the consistency of plain water.

It's something I love to crave.

The water and the meat from the young coconut are loaded with live enzymes and nutrients.

Make sure the coconut is fresh.

I always wanted to stick a pink straw in a coconut - no paper parasols located so the nearest decor I could find was my just bloomed peony stem......

I love peonies too ~ so unexpected.

Drink or pour the water out for later use......

Now what you ask?

Divine intervention........

5. Ice cream scooper.

Perfect kitchen modus operandi to scoop out the tender young coconut meat.

This stuff is somewhat of an acquired taste kinda~thing, especially if you're used to the dried coconut meat from the mature (brown husk) coconut. But really ~ it is sooooo good to cook with and so good for you.

This is absolutely delicious when cut into strips (pasta~like) and melded with fresh veggies for a pasta like salad or YES!........Raw~inspired ice cream and smoothies!

Really think forward and consider your favorite ingredients like chocolate, oranges, bananas, apricots, peaches, almonds, honey, vanilla........

Use a little bit of coconut water to smooth out the texture too.

Yes I plan on including a recipe shortly!

Thanks for your patience on these steps. I have been wanting to post this for some time, but ever since I cracked this nut open (hah!)~ all heck broke loose around here.

Ground control has been retained......somewhat ~ the rest is tallied off to the wind I guess ~

*As forementioned, this post is to highlight how I, TasteMemory opened a young coconut. TasteMemory & Melt Into Arts, Inc. will not responsible for injury, death or other outcomes that may incur upon repeating this methodry by readership.


Jescel said...

I miss having this. Where I come from (Philippines), we had this a lot . This is very good, esp. during summer.. and yes, we crack them open with the machete, too.

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

What a gorgeous pic! Makes me feel so summer-y!

Emily said...

Props to you.
I've never attempted it myself. I love coconut, though.

Thistlemoon said...

This looks beautiful! I can't wait to hear your suggestions. I have vague memories from when I was a little girl, of a coconut rolling around the garage with my dad chasing after it with a hammer! LOL! Can't wait to hear some more civilized ideas!

Anonymous said...

I feel I should be on a tropical island!

Just Cook It said...

I once spent almost an hour trying to get into a fresh coconut with a blunt knife. I was on a beach in Thailand which made the experience much more enjoyable but I'd love to know how to open them easily. Looking forward to it.

Núria said...

Such a beautiful photo! My experience with coconuts hasn't been that good so far :(

You did a great job :D

Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Oh I saw these at the store the other day and my first thought was never again after the Royal Foodie Joust which required coconut and I stole one from my neighbors tree! Pls give me some hints!!!

SuzRav said...

Got to admit, I haven't tried to tackle the white coconut and still go after the brown ones with a hammer. Or sidewalk. You are so brave!

Nicole said...

Now I AM curious how you did it!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely impressive!
And a first as far as I'm concerned!
And do not acquire a machete, or someone might be tempted to use it!

Anonymous said...

I wish i had a step by step back in the days i was a beach bum in Hawaii. I struggle so much to open these! :-)

Elle said...

Gorgeous photo! I can't wait to hear how to get these opened easily.

cakewardrobe said...

Lovely photo. I love coconut juice, but I've always been too scared to crack open coconuts in fear that I'd suck up floating fingers in my straw. Oh the anxiousness of waiting for your next entry!

Anonymous said...

yummy! I bought a coconut, but it was the brown hairy hard shelled variety. After I managed to crack it open, I noticed a black-green moldy area where the outer shell had cracked. After all that hard work cracking the shell, I chucked everything just to be safe. I hope it's easy cuz I still have a hankering...

taste memory said...

jescel ~ hey and welcome! machete is prob the easy way to go with this....

jessica ~ thanks had to take fast photos, these things bruise + discolor fast

emiline ~ yeah, I get a hankering for this about once a week....the first time I used a sledgehammr!

jenndz ~ hey there, those are great memories, yeah a hammer, the garage or sidewalk is a great taste memory for the coconut

noble pig ~ hello + welcome

alex r ~ must have been a gorgeous setting and well worth it!

nuria ~ welcome + hope you will try it again

judy ~ hey + welcome. You probably got the whole green outer shell going on - hope this part helps once you wittle off the rind

suzrav ~ :)!

nicole ~ the fun part is the straw + water. Welcome back!

Shizuoka Robert ~ yeah, don't want to run into one on a bad day....!

zen chef ~ hawaii sounds great, i miss papayas from hawaii...hope this helps

hi elle ~ Tyou

cake wardrobe ~ well if all else fails, I've heard the coconut watr is similar to blood plasma....hah!

foodhoe ~ hey-yeah, I've had that happen too, kinda gross. but i always go back for more - hope this helps

Núria said...

How daring!!! I'd surely chop one finger off too ;-) Surely the knife was well sharpened!

cakewardrobe said...

It still looks (gorgeously) easier in photos to cut than it really is. It's probably the good lighting and great pix - I would like to see some self portraits (minus the face pushing) to be convinced hehe. Never the less, I shall still try because it looks so beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

mmm! fresh coconut juice is one of my favorite things!!!

KT said...

I love young coconuts, but most of the ones I get have gone bad (brown inside). :(

ahmad wiyono said...


kellie said...

I had looked at your gorgeous(!) coconut pictures before, but now I have read your post & really enjoyed your writing. Little details like the "merry circle" were delightful and the images of throwing the coco against the sidewalk or an unsuspecting loved one were giggle-icious. Thanks--and thanks for your kind comments at the sunkitchen. :) Be well.

Elle said...

I've never tries this and now I'm dying to! It looks so cool and refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Great fun!
I certainly learned a lot there!
Now, I will have to find a fresh coconut to show the Missus!
Mind you, easier said than found in Japan!

Nicole said...

Gorgeous photos (as always) and what a process! How cool. I don't know if I could do it. I AM VERY good at accidents. The main problem is I don't know I have seen a fresh saved coconut for sale.... Am I missing something?

Unknown said...

i just had some in malaysia...slurp slurp slurp!

the ones in hong kong are tiny and cute, the water is super sweet too, lemme take pics of some ^_^

Meghan said...

This post was so helpful! I'm impressed...even after reading this I'm afraid!

Lovely blog!

MPG said...

you are making me drooooool....haven't had a fresh coconut in ages!! lovely!

SteamyKitchen said...

Great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

months ago i tried to open a coconut and ended up with 9 stitches in a finger...but you described the process so well that I think its time to buy a new knife, some young cocnuts and try, try again.