Friday, June 13, 2008

making ends meet: mastering the sushi roll

creativity unleashed: I love this picture because it reminds of chaos unleashed into that unexpected creative dimension yet ~ contained. I love being in that state because it's then, perhaps I sense I have mastered the use of my medium, my palette, paint brushes, palette knife and so forth the tools and thus; able to release art unrestrained......sounds senseless perhaps.......

It reminds me about the time when I thought I had figured out the creative way. It was in art school years back. I attended art school to study graphic design. I had a design professor that began the course off with two colors only: black and white.

As a class we were so bummed to realize the course had to start off in such a confined setting. In so many words I recall what my design professor said, "You must master the perfection of visual design principles by working within, then past your limitations. Once you understand the simplest of limitations, you'll understand what it means to break free and release....." He was a very cool German guy that looked like a 007 guy in his younger years and was extremely Bauhaus in his teachings.

yet this is what I REALLY feel like: absolute chaos, but at least green + leaner with the sun shining on me.......shouldn't complain really

The recklessness of the photo above perfectly exemplifies my state of life right now. But to make me feel better; a green organic ornate complicated mess ~ everywhere; slathered in soy, salty, savory with bits of bliss + bounty blended with every twist and turn of my raw ravaged turnstile in life, slowly seducing me by knowing the recklessness of my whims......

raw sushi rice made with parsnips, almonds, fresh lemon juice + specklings of sea salt

By the way, thanks for your patience on returning.

I have been absorbed in the bliss of summer.

Just getting back from a week of surf camp at the beaches that have completely taken over my life and put everything on stand still.

It was lovely.......and I lost two more pounds.

Don't get me wrong food passionistas ~ especially the savory sensual life carnivore + decadently cooked food bloggers out there. Don't want to scare you off with my raw food ways. I don't plan to get too soap boxy and do the whole sustainable, Asian-girl grows dreadlocks thing + carrying hemp bags transforming into a raw food priestess with the vibe of John the Baptist.....

Still love the lush + cooked.

But am loving the raw + real too.......

It's nice not to have the awning when donned with low~cut capris allowing ample sun time for my open~toe heels *sigh + laughing out loud here* to myself about ridiculous hang ups ;-)

I intend to remain unrestrained in a chaos contained sort of way ~ !

this is my take on raw Korean kimbap/keembap ~ raw rice, marinated spinach, shredded carrots, avocados, cukes + scallions......then I tried lovingly to wrap in civilized presentable form in nori.

I cannot roll worth crap.

So I tried another evening with *hubs* in attendance.

He's very linear, left brain, scientest~type.

He is a master roller.

Atop bamboo mat: First hubs spreads nori with the raw rice, then sliced avocados, lightly marinated carrots, cukes + shiitake mushrooms.....

The veggies are marinated sparingly with olive oil, raw sesame seeds, sea salt, namu shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce), fresh minced ginger ~ also know I had to squeeze the water emerging from the cukes + carrots. These veggies have a high water content and the salt just makes them bleed juicy of h2o.

add baby lettuce sprigs

slicing raw sushi roll requires a sharp clean knife

Tips on rolling as I watched *hubs* using both hands:

1. roll forward while.....
2. gently yet firmly pressing down and.....
3. tuck contents tightly underneath as rolling forward.....
4. repeat #1, #2 + #3

Actually, it kinda was like the same process as rolling a......well, rolling a cigarette......for those of you that have rolled your own......hmmmm.......

raw sushi rolls finally done well ~ thanks *love* !

Savor the moment with soy sauce or namu shoyu and mind numbing wasabe.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

why I do raw: food blogger vs. fashionista

ruby red translucence in the raw.......and it's sweet too!

Firstly, we have entered yet my favorite month.

Yes ~ it's my birthday month!

And this week is the first week of pre~celebrations......

Celebratory mode began with a girl's night out at one of my favorites @ The Present Moment Cafe. Probably the only raw food restaurant in town (at the moment) and a delight it was to kick off the month in the raw.

Now what's this raw thing I'm doing?

My newest obsession is watermelon granita: fresh chunks of watermelon, with bits of ice + water drizzled with honey then blended to a gorgeous frenzy of delight.......would love this in a lip gloss color

It's actually been quite enlightening as it's impossible for me to retain my replete food blogger ways and keep my relationship going with pencil skirts + the snug tee's I love, without being raw.

A friend.....*oh the kindness of dear friends* suggested to let it all go and just buy bigger skirts.......

I just can't get myself to do that.......When I kinda try to let it all go.....I really really do not feel well......

But really to say the least ~ to summize why I've decided this route for the most important reason is to be healthier, increase energy level and overall just feel better for the long haul.

Recalling my family health history makes me lean towards the carrot @ the end of the stick, which made me realize I should pave a farm fresh route for myself.

Pencil skirts would just be a cherry on top!

And what would I do with all my stuff from Bebe's and other hankerings that I've spent a fortitude to tailor n' fit just so?!!

I have always been one to love art, design and the placement of the line.....

I went to design school back when to study graphic design here.

I would have studied fashion, which was my second choice followed by culinary. Didn't do both the latter because A. Couldn't sew a button if my life depended on it. B. Culinary school seemed like too much work and I was fresh out of high school and wanted something easy......hah! Figured that one out sooner than later!

Anyways, my daily intake of raw foods to this day is at 70%.

My daily intake of cooked foods is thus at 30%.

For those not as familiar with the raw menu, please be assured it's quite delectable. That is if you like foods that are made from fresh vegetables, herbs, fruits, savory nuts, seeds and all sans~without the additives, repellents, hormones and cloning devices......

It's been about going back to basic for me. I have discovered methods of 'cooking' down raw foods that is crazy fun. It's a perfect liasion of controlled methodry that I love, as well as a retrospective of wildflower teachings gifted to me from the post~hippie teachers I had while growing up in San Francisco's Mission District.

I have also found mass similarities found in raw cooking in relations to Asian cooking techniques, especially in marinating + fermenting. Kinda like Japanese + Korean cookery ~ it's been interesting to see the tie-in here back to days of foraging and farming via the old country type of thing.

Back to topic: So what's weird, yet so good about raw foods ~ once you start, it's hard to kick it. My body has come to crave the nutrients, vitamins and yummy *glow* inducing enzymes from my increased consumption of live foods.

As a fashionista, this works well on waistline, fingernails, hair, skin and thus less make up time.....he he!

I do love Sephora by the way, but now am discovering very cool organic sea veggie mermaid type cosmetics via my raw food connections!

I have been doing this combo since the beginning of January when I saw a picture of myself from Christmas.

I reminded myself of an overtly stuffed sushi roll.

Not only that my blood pressure was leaping and energy level near ka'put.

This was moi.

Now this is just me and I know everyone has their own comfort zone. I'm a critic to myself when I have less energy, not feeling well and find the need to suffice to elastic waist bands that have found their way to the bottom floor of my closet. My mother bought me elastic waist band pants after I had my first child, and I looked up at her and asked "Why?"

My 30% cooked food intake is my instinctual connection with the sensual world that I am absolutely not ready to give up.

I consider myself a sensualist, yet love the energy + intensity that raw + live foods have given back to me. But I consider raw foodists sensualists too from their writings......yin~yang type of thing again.

Basically, I have lost 10 lbs. since this endeavor began this past January.

Other changes I've experienced but not bothered by: increased clarity (of mind + skin too!), way less bloaty bloats (esp. as a woman if you know what I mean, TYG!), major increase in energy and a big one for me ~ less need of meat. I was truly born a carnivore with my Korean descent. Must have been cattle driving with Genghis Khan way back when. I do admit to my monthly filet mignon or bacon need.

I am easing into this and surrendering to find balance with my signature flair for the lush life ~ so we'll see where this goes.......

In turn, I celebrate with all my raw food lifers for their intensity, passion and commitment.

In turn, I celebrate with all food enthusiasts of every race, creed and plate for the lush life of intensity, passion and commitment.

In true Gemini fashion ~ it's always a balance for me isn't it?!

What happens after a granita frenzy.......hey now what?

Now for some girl time and headed for a day of fun in the sun........

And thanks for reading about my latest obsession.