Thursday, July 10, 2008

the other side of life: wandering gourmand

give it up for baby arugula, sliced avos ~ not too soft please, chopped sun*kissed* olives + pickled cherry bell peppers cradled in crazy crusty baguette.

Is that mayonnaise? Absolutely not! Looks like mayonnaise. Has the scent of mayonnaise.

Even taste like mayonnaise. It's a gorgeously delicate slathering of Vegenaise. It's made with our friend grape seed oil.

Dear Fellow Bloggers ~ My apologies for not being as social n' taking time to visit + comment. It's been a whirlwind. But you have been on my mind ~ and know you are still *bookmarked* so I look forward to all your posts again.

I was searching for the thicker skinned Sopressata, but this is what I came home with. Meager findings for someone that grew up in a deli (literally!) in San Francisco, but this will suffice for just the time being.

I am readying to leave.....for some care free *sun time*

Before I do, I wanted to mention and thank a couple of my fellow bloggers for their recent mentions of Taste Memory.

My ooey gooey chewy easy no bake raw cookies made another debut at food blog Getting Fresh with Jenn. Jenn is stepping into the food blogging scene with her recipes highlighting fresh, lively and of course healthy cooking with a good touch of decadence. Thanks so much Jenn! Do check out this creative girl's blog ~

Another added surprise + *wowsie* for me as of recent:

CityMama's mention of Taste Memory during her
magazine on-line interview this month. You can read about it here. I am so flattered by the mere mention of my blog by Stefania at CityMama, whom I consider one of the leading ladies of what I call, the right way to voice in the blogosphere, as well as being in the company of the other blogs/websites she mentioned. She is a fantastic writer as I am often whisked away in smiles + *ohmygosh I know what u mean* thoughts from her docu~life type writings of daily life with the famille to her adventures about town, reflections on food and cooking. The provocateur can also be found on Momocrats with coverage on the American political life and often times served up with smart wit!

Thanks and ample congrats CityMama!

a tight wad sliced

I have been totally overwhelmed with everything that has been pouring forth lately.

It's as if I asked and asked a plenty.......

Now the universe is gushing forth like there is no tomorrow.

It's been fantastic + so brand new; all at the same time.

Will be hitting the vacation station: back home to California.....

combined my favorites: grilled eggplant + portabella mushrooms with good olive oil; doused decadently with balsamic vinegar for the caramelized effect. Then a touch of sea salt when it's still spanking hot.

Surrounded by blankets of green leaf + rustic looking red leaf lettuce.

Lettuce leaves washed + flash dried + chilled in fridge prior serving.

So you get the chilled texture of cooling lettuce and the warm blush of the caramelized vegetables.

Love grilled scallions ~ such a nail biting touch, I just love it.......

do you think I like avocados? The one on the right looks sad ~ don't you think?

I'll be doing the Orange County thing.

Hit the beaches with the munchkins.

Santa Monica, Gritty L.A.+ just love Echo Park ~ yes I do, Topanga Canyon, Malibu and yes.....

The Valley ~

My old haunts @ Encino then off to Santa Barbara.

Can't wait to post about it.


Anonymous said...

Ummmmmmm, just delicious! Love it.

cakewardrobe said...

It's like virginaise! It looks so refreshing - perfect for a picnic. I've been totally lacking in the comment division and I feel like I'm going through withdrawal but Summer fun makes it difficult; totally understood.

You didn't figure out the pix huh? Email me for questions.. Maybe I'll try to send you step by step screen freezes if you need.


Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Congrats on all the much deserved publicity! Have a wonderful vacation.

kellie said...

Hey, Ingar!

Just catchin' up with your lovely blog posts. Very nice! Love your pix, as always. Jealous you're goin' to SoCal. I think I told you I went to Pepperdine--mostly because I wanted to be near the ocean. Grew up partly in Hawaii. Water was SO much warmer in HI. Never got used to the cold Malibu H20.

Anyways--hope you have a blast on your trip! Take a picture of Point Dume for me, K? Used to live there. Whole life changed there. Surf it up, baby!

Anonymous said...

ooh those sandwiches look fantastic with such bright vivid colors. While I admit that I have surrendered to the dark side of eating (can't say no to fatty fried foods) strangely enough, I love veganaise! Those eggplant and avocado wraps look great and so healthy. Have a great time in SoCal, the beaches sound awesome!

Unknown said...

yummm those look absolutely gorgeous!

have a great trip, you'll be missed :)

Elle said...

Oooh, those look so fresh and delicious!

Congrats on your mentions, and have a great vacation!

Nicole said...

Looks good to me! Hope you are having fun. If you find yourself in Tustin, Claros has GREAT soprasseta and meats!

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. Hope you enjoy your visit home.

Anonymous said...

You definitely need to check out Shelby's Coffee Shoppe at Jax Beach...order the Jarboe with a blackberry Italian soda, and I promise you'll have a new favorite restaurant!

Thistlemoon said...

Hey Ingar! I love this post! Especially when you say:

"It's as if I asked and asked a plenty.......

Now the universe is gushing forth like there is no tomorrow.

It's been fantastic + so brand new; all at the same time."

When this happens you know you are on the right path! My best wishes for you and a wonderful vacation! Looking forward to finally meeting you in September! :)

(Oh and I just posted my review of Present Moment on

Passionate Eater said...

Wow, congratulations on your mention! I can't wait until you have an interview w/Good Housekeeping Magazine!

taste memory said...

noble pig~ heya thanks!

cakewardrobe~ happy summr to you! Am having more fun outside than in front of the flat screen. Btw, will definitely and can't wait to try your pict tips, prob next post. Will let you know if tech issues+as I am slightly lame w.the stuff. your sweet+thanks mucho xoxo

jessica@foodmayhem~ gotta swing ovr to your site, very soon: miss ya ;-)

kellie~ pepperdine.hawaii.point dume.Girl you are *about town* can't wait to hear your stories....i get first autograph version okay?!

foodhoe~ just getting back and am in food detox recovery.You guys hav mega mega abundance of food stuff in Calif.Dark side o' eatin so easy, but man so jealous MEGA farmer's markets too with the wildest freshest fruits + veggies. Definitly the *Golden State* !

mochachoco girl~ hi sweets, thanks had a grande time! can't wait to check out your savory salty sweet spicy happnings~will swing by shortly....

elle~ am doing swell, hope you're having fun in new england, must be soooo gorgeous now

nicole~ omgosh; u don't know~pickd up my phone like 3 times to try to call you, but guess what: had Trader Joe's in one hand and the other hand was feeding! sooooo sorry i missd u, it was one of those kinda trips. You're site is lookin' good!

carolyn gail~ thanks for checkin in. you must havin fun in the sun and the lush garden must be gorgeous! Look forward to swinging by and see what's up.

anony 'bout shelby's~ been to shelby's often, like lotsa. don't do restaurant/food reviews as much, but will check it out. thanks!

jenndz~ thanks for insights. wise words + reinforcements from the Queen....HEY EVERYONE!!! If you want to see HAWT lookin food picts of Raw food like never before (it'll make you look twice+think twice about RAW) check out Jenn's post on Present Moment Cafe

passionate eater~ omgosh where've you been?!! always a treat to hear from you~ will be @ your place shortly to check out decadent eating in the south 'nawlins m'kay?

Anonymous said...

ooh I can't wait to make these wraps, they look great!