Saturday, July 26, 2008

then suddenly ~ it's summer........

Exquisite perfection: Squash flowers at Wednesday's Santa Monica's Farmer's Market

I haven't been at a loss for words.

Plainly, I have been spending too much time in the sun and neglecting my *flat screen* duties.

We played for about two weeks in southern California visiting family, friends and old haunts.

Beginnings were innocent enough ~

a farmer's market, raw food restaurant, the beach.......

Bill and I at one of my favorite beaches: Nicholas Canyon, a bit past Zuma......

with the munchkins enjoying the sun setting over the Pacific Coast Highway ~

It is almost an impossible task to exactly capture the light that radiates around us when the sun is setting.

Lunch at Juliano's Raw Restaurant in Santa Monica. Isn't this pretty? Lunch was quite busy there. More photos to follow on this visit too.

We ordered the raw nachos for the kids and they wouldn't go near this once it arrived. Hubs and I enjoyed it ~ though it was a bit heavy for me. I'm not used to the heavy *nut* cheeses + creams. I've never been a fan of heavy dairy in my cooking and I think this dish appealed to more of the meat n' potatoes crowd.

Don't get me wrong ~ I am a former meat n' potatoes girl.

Grew up in a deli in S.F. totally surrounded by a huge deli case stock full of roasts, humps of ham, head cheese, liverwurst, Salamis and so forth; you name it and it was there.

I am just into the lighter scene these days.....he he he.....

Will tell more later: Miley Cyrus citing. My paparazzi shot of Miley/Hannah Montana in action. At least it was *behind the scenes/backstage* type shot! I have more......this is just a tease. Oh I am good......I was at least trying to be a polite paparazzi!

Yes do tell ~ at Santa Monica Pier one day they were shooting an episode of Hannah Montana. My girls went completely nutz~zoid when they found out.

Boy, can girls really scream ~ like loud.

In N'Out Burger: an absolute sheer weakness of mine. Well what do you think happened? It was bound to happen. If you spend enough time hanging out in southern California; it will happen. Look at this thing........mine is the one on the upper left hand corner. Hey at least I asked for extra lettuce.

Thanks so much for returning, reading, viewing and salivating.

I'll be back on the roll very soon, visiting my fav blogs, chatting, blogging and all the fun stuff in no time.

Hope you've been having a *grande* summer as well.

Oh, and I thought to share some pictures of myself and those dearest to me.......including the veggies + burgers........

More pictures, words + escapades to follow very very shortly.....

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Elle said...

What a fun vacation! You and your family are just beautiful! And I have young girls, too--I can imagine how thrilled your girls were to see Miley Cyrus!

cakewardrobe said...

I <3 the constant changing color of the ocean off the PCH. You're right, there's so much a picture cannot capture. It's like trying to take a photo of stars in a clear sky. Looking fwd to more photos.

Nina Timm said...

You guys really did have a great time. Good on you for eating that hunk of a burger.

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Glad to know you had a wonderful time. Your girls look a lot like mine when they were young. All I can say is better keep a big stick ready to beat off the boys when they get older : ) Is the one in the center a boy ? Hard to tell with the hair cut. My son always wore his hair long when he was young and some thought he was a girl.

Miley comes from good genes -Kentucky born father Billy Ray is gorgeous. He's a one-hit wonder but who cares ?

Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

Jenn said...

looks like a great vacation. What a lovely family you have! I have got to try that raw food place in Santa Monica!!! I'm glad you liked SB, I like it too....too bad, I'll never afford a house here.... :)

Unknown said...

loving the gorgeous pictures of your family...and the tasty treats! :)

taste memory said...

elle ~ thanks elle! wanted to share with you guys a little about me + fam. oooohhh miley mania!

cakewardrobe ~ thanks so much/btw we'll get that picture thing straight......

nina ~ scary thing was I ate after the burger.

carolyn gail ~ hi there! Yeah 50/50kids do have that *certain* look don't they? Already have the stick out ~ geez! My son in the center, we're trying long hair for the summer, we'll see.

Hav you ever watch the hannah montana show? I catch glimpses of it as my kids watching and can't bear it, well used to think that about spongebob

jenn ~ i'll be posting more photos on Juliano's shortly. Santa Barbara is awesome ~ tho where do all the people live? We're talking serious $$$

mochagirl ~ glad to be back sweetums, hope you're doing well ~ stay cool in that heat!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Weird, I thought I posted a comment yesterday but I guess it didn't save??

Anyways, your kids are adorable! Have you seen the cuties on Jon and Kate plus 8?
The squash flowers look great!
Glad you had a fabulous and yummy vacation!

taste memory said...

jessica ~ you are right~I thought I published it too. I have been having disruptions in my internet the last few days, might hav got lost thru that! so sorry, always good to hear from you.

No haven't seen that show jon+kate?
Thanx for kinds words bout my munchkins! I think so too~

Yeah we had so much fun, I love the Golden State. Hope you are well ~ see ya over @ FoodMayhem soon ;-)

Thistlemoon said...

Welcome back Inga! You look well rested and super happy in those photos with your family! All the food looks good - from the raw nachos to the fat burger! Can you tell that I am hungry? ;)

Anonymous said...

mmm, those zucchini blossoms look screamingly fresh! I haven't ever been to the SMFM, but listen to the weekly report on kcrw's good food podcast... looks like a good time!

Passionate Eater said...

Have a great vacation! We will be waiting for your return!

And hey, we can all splurge on a little In-n-Out every now and then, and with your rockin' bod, I you have room to splurge a lot!

Nicole said...

Loved seeing the pics of you and your family. Your kids are DARLING!!! What a good looking family you all are. Sounds like a fun trip.

r. albarillo said...

I stumbled on your page from blogs of note and I'm impressed! I'm starting a food blog myself and yours is definitely an inspiration. Love the photos!