Saturday, August 9, 2008

Fresh Intentions: santa monica's farmer's market + Juliano's Planet Raw

Italian plums, those flying saucer peaches + California strawberries

I am radically particular about my photography.

The photo shown above is the only photo (in this post) I find technically 'yeah, that's okay for now' enough to publish.

The photos shown thereafter in this post, were all taken in haste as I will explain further as you read. But at least it will give you an idea of what I have been getting myself into. So ahead of time ~ my apologies for the photos below.....

While in Southern California, I loved shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables at Trader Joe's and the farmer's markets. I am presently going through withdrawels of not having access to Trader Joes at this present moment.

The fruit platter shown above is a perfect example of how I started my mornings while visiting at my mom's house. It's how my mornings got started upon arrival of our vacation to SoCal!

The plums were sugary sweet and the strawberries melted in your mouth like cotton candy.

Well as I mentioned, this is how I got started with good intentions in mind......

courgettes in bloom

We happened to be in Santa Monica on a Wednesday so we took advantage of their mid-week farmer's market.

You can find more details about this insanely heavenly event here.

* s e a * of artichokes with lengthy stems attached too.

I took all of these photos in haste.

It was day #5 of our vacation and in the midst of the farmer's market, she had decided it was time to go home.

She decided in the middle of this communal fruitopian/vegetable hoopla she was well ready to call it a day and head back home.

Thus, initiation of the breakdown......

I snapped photos quickly, bought a basket of precious looking strawberries that were ruby red alongside plump apricots + plums.

variety of carrots ~ more colors than imagineable. The twine~like melange of root vegetables have always been a favorite of mine to illustrate when I used to draw in pen + ink years back. It often times reminds me of how we desire to hold onto dear things we are familiar with like the soil embedded deeply below the earth.....

There was an abundance of vegetable, fruit, herb, pastry stalls and more. I was overwhelmed as I had not been back to a *real* farmer's market since last year when I went to the GreenMarket at Union Square Park in New York.

But no time was wasted here to *be* in the moment.

A breakdown was already in session........

On another day we ventured to a raw restaurant Juliano's Planet Raw on Broadway in Santa Monica.

Smoothies: Mango Tango & Strawberry Shake for the kids. The green one on the far right is ALIEN BLOOD for hubs + I. It was quite lush.

ALIEN BLOOD smoothie combines a thick blend of field greens, burdock, cucumber, seaweed, black olive, zucchini, red bell & spirulina.

Not for the faint of heart.

spring rolls made of coconut curry wrapper with shredded vegetables & Thai herbs served with no-peanut Thai

For those of you that have read my blog prior, I have pretty much been balancing a raw food diet at 80% of the day combined with 20% of cooked foods (for the most part vegan, and on some days I can be a bit more decadent than that......I like to have fun and with the craziness in my life ~ so important to be at E A S E to avoid combustion).

So, I have eased my family into it as well with their positive response.

But this was the first time the munchkins tried raw dining in a restaurant.

Raw Nachos made with dairy free nut cheese, guacamole, salsa, dairy free sour cream, veggies and served with dehydrated flax chips

I ordered this for the munchkins and when it arrived to the table, it just about put them over the edge.

They completely freaked and would not go near this gorgeous creation.

this was some sort of sushi roll aka monster roll filled with nut cheese (dairy free), greens, sea veggies and even kimchi.

I have dined in raw restaurants prior and I have to say this was an enlightening experience. Yet the methodry was a bit heavy for my tastes at the moment. There is quite a bit of use of raw nuts + seeds made into dairy free 'cheese', soups, creams, etc. which I found a bit too rich for me.

It was a delight to experience this type of food preparation from a completely vegan and raw approach.

It was extreme.

I love extreme!

There was a nice SoCal open air vibe to our dining experience as well......I had missed that immensely ~ it was nice to be back.

Anyways, this is how things got started on our vacation.

I really shouldn't complain about heavy foods just now.......

beginnings of The Korean post


Penni said...

I think your photography is wonderful and I enjoyed reading about your take on Juliano's. I've never been there but he does seem pretty out there and his raw recipe book is pretty complicated. Sounds like it was worth the experience!

Your family is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

yes it is hard to get good pix out in the wild when you can't control the lighting, or arrange things just so and then those darn meltdowns... the raw vegan looks very good too. Korean bbq, my favorite!

Indigo said...

Awesome shots of the farmer's market. Never seen courgettes blooms so fresh and plumpy like that. Wow! I would've bought too much :D

Oh, I'd like to invite you to join Foodie Photo Contest this August.

Have a look here for more details:

There're some prizes for the lucky winners as well ;-)


Passionate Eater said...

Wow, what a "raw" feast! I also too am going through Trader Joe's withdrawals here out in NOLA. I am so glad that we can relate!

cakewardrobe said...

Oooh you're gonnna post about panchans! My fave is steamed egg! Kids hate green and black in food.. That's too bad.. more for you!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I've never had nut cheese so I'm going to have to try that. Love the carrot pic!

Unknown said...

the idea of raw food movement scares me...but i'll keep an open mind :)

the spring rolls and the sushi rolls look good...and i'd say no to the alien blood hehe

looking forward to your korean bbq post! :)

Thistlemoon said...

I love the raw nachos and sushi! They all look great! YUMMY! Those smoothies too!

I love the farmers markets photos too! Looks like my idea of heaven for sure! ;)

No TJ's is a BAD thing! I feel you r pain! I get to stock up in October though!

Nicole said...

Well I think all of the photos look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

And you say I'm spoiled!
I would think that with access to fresh food in such quantity, variety and quality, it would be easier to spoil yourself!

Deborah said...

I think it all looks fantastic!! Especially those farmers market photos - I'm jealous!

SteamyKitchen said...

Wow, I'm so jealous of all that beautiful produce!! My markets look...tired. Can't wait for fall.

taste memory said...

penniakaruby ~ thanks so much/yeah it was definitely 'out there' but really insightful experience!

foodhoe ~ the other thing too is i get too hungry and not patient enough to take pix.....add more to the mix and it's chaos ;-)

indigo ~ thanks!

passionate eater ~ oh yes very much understand/you have my comments to confirm. thanks for the mention/enjoy visiting ur blog and glad to see the recent updates!

cakewardrobe ~ yes panchan next!

jessica ~ hey your in nyc/let me know if you decide to check out pure food + wine/would love to hear your take on it!

mocha girl ~ nawwwh not scary, it's not like raw meats.....just raw veggies/fruits n' fun stuff like that

JennDZ ~ oh do let us know about your Oct outing.......we must meet for lunch soon :-D

nicole ~ TY

dragonlife ~ oh the life of decadence!

deborah ~ yeah too bad now/farmer's markets here are really tiny + quaint....hoping for change tho

steamykitchen ~ isn't it gorgeous? but yes fall will bring more goodies.....

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Pure Food & Wine is actually very close to my apartment. I've walked by but haven't tried it yet....will give it a shot, I think.

Anonymous said...

wow... everything in the picture from the vegetables and food portion looks so huge!

Anonymous said...

Great blog and yummy looking food:-)