Friday, September 12, 2008

crazy beautiful: delicious definitious without the dairy

remnants of chocolate pots de crème re-inspired in a vintage sherry glass I picked up some years back.....

I have been holding onto what remains of summer with dear life.

I love the yellow glow of the sun......especially when I photograph food and exquisite lively things. They respond so well to the vibrancy of the sun visually.

Who doesn't love the swirl and curl of a creamy chocolaty dessert?

This past summer has been an inspiring time between the sun, sand, storm + ocean blue to re-define the tumultuous desserts I love to linger over by rummaging through the pages of my taste memories of years gone by......

chocolate pots de crè with mocha mousse frosting and......

We know how everyone feels about chocolate, don't we?

I wanted something crazy beautiful to elevate my palate into a bliss like state without all the remnants of dairy, creme, eggs and white sugar that make me feel a bit tuckered out, bloated and edgy.

This version is dairy free, egg free, soy free, sugar free and even gluten free. what gives?

I don't want to fool you, but this is pretty full~proof stuff and very much tastes like the real thing.

Ever since I've had children, my taste + smell senses have blustered full force as I find my palette extremely sensitive.

It was weird when it happened.

Actually the more kids I had, the more sensitive my sense of smell became thus effecting my taste buds.

My last pregnancy I recall I was sitting in the middle of the pews during Sunday Mass. Some guy sitting behind me was reeking of steamed buttered corn, cigarettes and beer that he probably drank a half hour prior.

It was the twisted sour scent the beer that silently beckoned toward me which eventually put me over sensory overload.

Love thy neighbor.

Well, I just couldn't stomach that one at the moment so I ended up standing in the back of the church for the entire service......and as I recall until I eventually delivered.

a lovely version in cup and saucer from our wedding registry

I have so many of these cups and saucers. What was I thinking back then as a young bride~to~be to allow myself to register for such an endless sea of china?

Today we use mugs from World Market with vintage inspired prints for our hot drinks: tea, coffee, hot cocoa or gently warmed homemade tomato soup topped with crushed pistachios rolled in trinkets of garam masala........

near grandmaster fudge~ness

Though I have already made several versions of this recipe, it is still in development. I don't cook with measurements as it restrains the evolvement process.

Yet during final phases, I am able to lock down exact measurements for proper use.

I will say that the chocolate pudding~custard portion is similar to the one found in RAW FOOD REAL WORLD ......btw, an amazing book!

One of the main ingredients is the soft flesh of the young coconut. If you have ever been wondering how to open one of those you can see how I did it here.

I have re~dubbed this pots de crème with other ingredients to add weight and silk to the texture without the dairy and other frills some of us may have issues with.

The whipped cream portion was made to re~create the taste and texture of the fresh dollops of creamed frosting on the Japanese/ French inspired cakes I grew up with as well as the Danish desserts I used to frequent when I was a young working stiff in L.A. For this I used grated cacao as one of the elements.

The orange twist atop is well.....not from an orange.

It's sulphur~free dried mangoes trimmed with a very sharp pair of scissors.

What's really weird about this recipe is it reminds me of this song.

Is chocolate so intent?


Emily said...

Mmm, I could go for something creamy and chocolatey right now.

Nina Timm said...

Oh, you are such a ;ong will we have to wait????

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Wow, that looks like something I would dig in to!...and finish in seconds.

Passionate Eater said...

I am all ears--I can't wait for your followup post!

Lys said...

That looks amazing!!! Utterly amazing.

Anonymous said...

tastememorygirl, don't leave us hanging like this! dried mango, young coconut.. it sounds delicious and looks even better!

Unknown said...

chocolate simply blows me away! every time!