Tuesday, September 16, 2008

triple buzz: florida food bloggers + todd english's bluezoo + foodbuzz

before twilight set the amuse-bouche: clam + bacon ragout

Last weekend we had a fantastic evening meeting up with Florida food bloggers at Todd English's bluezoo in Orlando.

It was an incredible night hosted by Foodbuzz of San Francisco for featured publishers.....and I have to say quite decadent.

Again, my heartfelt thanks goes out to Jenn at The Leftover Queen,
Judy at No Fear Entertaining, Ryan at Foodbuzz and bluezoo for orchestrating a memorable evening of community, enlightment and good cheer.

A personalized six course tasting menu was prepared especially for all of us. As shown above, we began with the saucy n' savory clam + bacon amuse-bouche that elevated the evening into bliss along with the ease + flow of great company......

first course: shrimp cocktail steamrollers in modern form

My sweetie took a picture of me in action. Basically this first course had to be sucked out of it's tube. The picture of me doing this came out a bit too weird so......

Instead, you may view The Leftover Queen in action.....gawww she's so pretty too! ;-)

second course: beet salad avec candied walnuts et goat cheese fondue

You know me, I could have had another plate of this!

Delightful; it was like walking into a candy store with each bite.

third course: spice route char with curried beluga lentils + zhataar carrot et yogurt spill

My hubs just loved this dish.

The preparation of the char absolutely was exquisite.

Perfectly seasoned and *charred* on top; yet the interior was delicate but flagrant and quite sheer of being cooked through so biting into the center was almost near sashimi tenderness with hints of soft heat.


sous vide amish chicken with parmesan polenta hidden in between......

I have always preferred Amish Chicken especially from my experiences of cooking with it when we lived in northeast Ohio. The skin on the sous vide preparation was perfect, yet parts of the chicken were slightly dry. The parmesan polenta combined with the picholine olive tomato sauce became its redeeming component.

and quite lovely the picholine olive deconstructed tomato sauce

The faint olive spell in the tomato sauce furrowed the taste memory of olive trees in northern California.......on a very sunny day.

warm chocolate cake with liquid ganache center awaits a maracaibo chocolate cream pudding and peanut ice cream atop

By this time debauchery had set in.

Hubs told me by the time he got to finishing 1/3 of the wine in his glass they filled it back up again.......

it was quite comforting to take food shots with a table full of other food porn fantatics......

It was soooooo nice to take food porn photos with other food bloggers.

I felt less of a freak. This was a fantastic evening spent!

You've gotta check out everyone's blogs as I am sure they have/will be posting on the triple buzz of a night we had.

These are also some fabulous + insightful food blogs you must read if you haven't already:

Lys @ Cooking in Stilettos
Christey + Peter @ Foto Cuisine
Rachel @ My Little Marshmallow
Judy @ No Fear Entertaining
Chris @ Pickles and Cake
Susan @ Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy
Moi/Ingar @ Taste Memory
Jenn @ The Leftover Queen
Erin and Chris @ The Olive Notes
Bryan @ The Tattooed Gourmet

Chef de Cuisine at Bluezoo: Aaron Christian describes his approach to sous vide amish chicken and more.......

Thank you Chef Aaron for an exquisite dining experience! Not enough can be said about our dining experience at bluezoo.

It was *dining* at its purest form and replete of exceptional service, style and ambiance. The service was attentive, knowledgeable yet flowed with that Florida ease......

goodie bags galore to finish the evening

Between Jenn/The Leftover Queen and I, we brought goodie bags to top off the evening.

that *end of the evening group shot*......lest I say more?!

To Florida food bloggers: This was a gracious way to meet and we gotta do this again!

To food bloggers and readers: Continue blogging + partaking. This is such a great community.

Don't forget to check out Foodbuzz. There's an incredible network of foodies out there!

To my raw food readers: As you know, I am 80/20. That was probably a 70/30 raw by day/decadent by evening!

Laughing + smiling here.

Thank you for stopping by.

bluezoo's Chef Aaron Christian describes preparation of sous vide amish chicken in the midst of well-fed, well-amused + quite pleased food bloggers


Judy@nofearentertaining said...

Yay!!! It was so much fun wasn't it. The food, wine and company was all incredible and yes wasn't it wonderful to not feel funny about taking pictures of your food????

Thanks so much for the goody bags. My margarita loved the lime!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl! My goodness, what fun you guys had!

First I want to say that I am sorry I missed your Twitter DM before you came to Orlando (about where to go). I don't know how I missed that, but I caught it yesterday when I was going through all my DM's.

Second, what great perks to have as Foodbuzz publisher! I just recently got my publisher status so I look forward to getting the low down on cool events like this one in the future!

I am going to NYC next month to attend a Gourmet Mag event...I can't wait to blog that one. :)

Nate @ House of Annie said...

The cool thing about eating with food bloggers is that everyone has a camera and patiently waits for the food to be shot before digging in. We don't care that the food is a little cooler than when it arrived! It still has to look good for the blog!

Thistlemoon said...

Oh yay Ingar, I am so glad you got a good picture of Aaron Christian - he did such an amazing job feeding all of us food bloggers! Roberto and I said the same thing about the photography - the first time we felt NORMAL taking food porn pictures, because everyone else was doing it too!!!!

Thanks again so much for the goodie bags! I am going to use the lime tonight and think of the great time that we had!

I agree we MUST do this again! :)

Yes, let's get together! Let me know when you are free!

NĂºria said...

Hola Taste Memory! Thanks for leaving a comment in my blog :D.

So there you are!!! Aaaahhh... I have seen some of the Foodbuzz Fiesta pictures already at Judy's and Jenn's. How great that you could meet and talk!

Anonymous said...

looks like a fabulous evening! I missed the local foodbuzz dinner here in SF... the food looks great and so do you all.

Bentoist said...

Hey taste memory, thanks for dropping by my blog.

Looking at this post, I can imagine that as the plates were being served at the foodbuzz dinner, cameras & camera phones would start appearing all of a sudden. Think I read somewhere that you folks got a private room right? Great idea! I always felt a little shy whipping out my camera to photograph food at restaurants.

erin said...

It was such a great time, wasn't it?! I love the photo of everyone taking food photos :)

Nicole said...

Oh I am so glad you did this! Wasn't it fun to meet other foodies? Ryan is a doll isn't she.

Valerie Harrison (bellini) said...

If only Foodbuzz could be ev everywhere...how about Canada guys...wink..wink...

Lori Lynn said...

Oh how fabulous! I attended the Foodbuzz dinner in Los Angeles last January (posted 2/07/08. So excited to see the great turn out in Orlando as Foodbuzz becomes more well-known.

I cannot stop laughing at the photo of everyone with their cameras. Too funny, I feel the same way, and just this past week purchased a lens exclusively so I could get better pics in the low light of a restaurant. I am going to Guy Savoy in Vegas next month, and really want those pics to come out. If everyone in the restaurant was snapping away, I would be one happy woman.

Glad you stopped by my blog, glad to get to know you, cannot wait to read more of your posts.

Lori Lynn

Passionate Eater said...

I am so glad that you had a wonderful evening! The food looked and sounded great, and I am glad that it fit in your raw/decadent proportional allotment! (I especially love the picture of you snapping away!)

Elle said...

What a wonderful evening! so funny to see everyone whipping out their cameras to take photos!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

I am so jealous!! It looks so good and so fun!

taste memory said...

Judy ~ great to finally meet you/yay the evening was a blast + glad to hear margarita met well with lime later! Thanks for helping orchestrating the evening: awesome ;-)

Hey Julie ~ thanks for stopping by. So hard to keep up I think on the twitter lines but our weekend in orlando went swell. you live in a cool town/really! We stayed near downtown and really enjoyed the area by Lake Eola kinda college town/reminded me of mini boston or d.c. dotted with eateries, coffee houses + shops.

nyc sounds even better! am totally due a trip out there/but will need to stay put and get some work done like a good girl. can't wait to hear about your fab time!

nate n' annie ~ hey thanks for visiting! you're so right/we don't care if it's cold esp. if we get a great picture out of it LOL!

jenn dz ~ yea totally freeing to shoot pix with other food fanaticos really! with that said i have a restaurant to take you too that wants food bloggers and even better the only/best sushi in town. Even if you don't like sushi/ I promise this is sure fire combined with other Japanese fare ;-)

You are the BEST - thanks ((( h u g s ))) for orchestrating an awesome partaay!

nuria ~ hi there/we hav chatted before i believe via bloggr comments?! summer has thrown me off a bit and look forward to revisiting all you are doin at your site as well! thanks for coming by....

bentoist ~ thanks! yea good thing we got a private room...we ended up getting really loud toward the tail end ;-D

nicole ~ OH YES! such sweet lady

bellini ~ thanks for stopping by/oh yes the more globally the merrier

lori lynn ~ nice to meet you. i went by the foodbuzz dinnr post you mentioned on your blog - WOW that was pure DECADENCE. Looked like an incredible time and hats off to Foodbuzz for their efforts in building the food bloggr community really!

Great idea about your lens at Guy Savoy. I look forward to seeing your pictures and upcoming posts.

Stunning work you have ;-)

passionate eater ~ hey there/great time had by all. glad to see you're posting tons again....can't seem to catch up/so much to see and admire on your pages. Thanks for coming by, I'll be getting back into the swing of things now that summer is leaving.....

elle ~ it was comforting + such a riot when the cameras flew out!

foodmayhem ~ hey sweets/you live in an awesome town n.y.c. no need to be jealous at all....step out your doorstoop and your in foodie paradise ;-)

can't wait to see your chicago pix

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Sounds like an amazing time! Wish I could have attended. It would be nice to hook up wooth other Florida bloggers.

taste memory said...

erin ~ i am still in the bliss of it! sorry just getting your comment now/blogger freakd and i just uncovered your comment!

foodhoe ~ just getting your comment now too....very strange w. blogger. bummer you missed sf's/but hey you were able to do slowfoods/that's awesoom too!

simply gluten free ~ definitely next time ;-) thanks for swinging by!

Wicked Good Dinner said...

What an amazing evening! I've never been to Bluezoo, but after seeing your post MUST get there soon.


Anonymous said...

Holy macaronei!
Good on you all!
Such affairs in Japan are either organized by expats or limited to small affairs!
Here in Shizuoka we are going to have an international Sake Bloggers enjoy a Japanese meal with Shizuoka Sake and Italian wine (I will have to apologize to my family in France!).
Four of us only, but our combined blogs at Tokyofoodcast, Urban Sake and Tokyodrikinglass should make for the lack of guests!
Anyway, great stuff!
I do envy you all!

Anonymous said...

Here i come again!
Someone is going to kick me for noticing little things:
one preferred the beer, while a couple kept to water!
Shall I send you some sake next time?

taste memory said...

wicked good dinner ~ thanks for stopping by - nice to meet you ;-)

dragon life ~ your bloggers dinner in Japan sounds wounderful. The thought of sake combined with Italian wine is already forecasting a headache!

you do notice little things, but its good to be detail oriented, esp. as foodie! in that photo everyone was *awaiting* their drinks....so it did get more colorful thru the evening ;-)

MadameSoybean said...

Foodie fun! The group photo with you camera in hand was cute. Pix are gorgeous as usual. Glad you had so much fun with the other bloggers. :) I have more blogs to read now too!

Unknown said...

wowww i am sooo jealous!!! good company, good food, wat a fabulous night! :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing dinner~~ And it's totally cute and delightful to see everyone at the table snapping food photos ;p Thanks for visiting me, glad to find your blog and will be back for more =)

Anonymous said...

Recipe for shrimp cocktail steamroller, please!

I'd love to try that, and try it out on my food fam!

How might I obtain the recipe? Thanks in advance!