Tuesday, October 7, 2008

breakfast beauty + memory of light

breakfast bowl in the raw: granola with trinkets of sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, dried sulphur-free mango snippets, bananas + figs glorious sexy figs......

doused in homemade almond milk and agave nectar

it's like biting into the earth and revealing the sun

For the most part, I am not a breakfast person. I would rather have a smoothie on the go and just get it over with.

For the most part, I wake up not a least bit hungry.

But as you know by 11 a.m. for the most part, I am violently hungry and unable to focus unless I eat something gratuitous.

So to avoid further drama in my life, as if I don't have enough drama; I have decided to include a solid breakfast on those mornings that I know an extra shimmy will be needed to get me through the day.

So why not include a combination of ingredients I just adore?

I love bananas.

Let's throw in some bananas, mangoes, dried mangoes specifically. As well as granola. I found something called the *sugar free buzz free* granola at my local health food store. I don't like sickly sweet overtly syrupy granola. Figs.....what's there not to love about figs. Okay, I know a lot of people don't like figs. Like beets, not a lot of beet fans either. But here's to figs or perhaps pears. When outta figs, chopped pears are perfectly dicey!

Add some almond milk like I have made here.

I love granola. I would make homemade granola but already have a yard long list of too many things to orchestrate in a day. Granola reminds me of GORP. When I was growing up in San Francisco, they used to call trail mix: GORP (granola oats raisins peanuts or gobs of raw protein).

GORP reminds me of my post-hippie teachers I had in elementary school in the Mission District.

I loved how fluid, relaxed and non-traditionalist they were!

The post-hippie teachers wanted the students to call them by their first names. Of course, never addressing them by names like Mrs. Tipton or something. They wore loose fitting cotton garments, nose rings, curly rambunctious hair or the time spun 'fro.

One specific year I recall I had a slew of these teachers for a summer program. For the most part their classes held no structure throughout the day. We would go through our required math and reading lessons before lunch. Then after a long leisurely lunch and recess they would teach us about performance art. We wrote plays in the third grade. Experimented with costume design, set design and body movement.

I loved how they let things slide into oblivion.....it made me feel daring.

They revealed a Pandora's box of options for us when it came to creative play. They *shared* with us about their personal relationships and spoke to us as if we were their confidante friends, not children. I recall that made us children feel comfortably confident about ourselves.

I felt our insecurites and shyness that children often harbor, slowly dimish that summer.

One teacher shared with us about the misconception of beauty in our society. She was not a beauty according to iconic movie star standards. She looked like an exotic gypsy to me. I thought she was ravishing but she told us about an old boyfriend that used to tell her often times how ugly she was. She shared with us how important it is to take pride in our individual beauty and not hold fast to negative opinions brought on by others. I recall her speaking with us about the subject matter quite intimately as the girls in my classroom including myself, did not mirror the blue eyed blonde Barbies we loved to play with. My homegirls were Mexican, Filipina, Black, Vietnamese, Nicaraguan, Guatemalan, Puerto Rican and Jewish. Then there was me......one Korean girl, couldn't even speak Korean. Quite the bunch we were. I recall later, a blue eyed blonde northern Italian girl came in to rally up the bunch even more. We actually became best buddies for a long time after that. I wonder what she's up to today?

We were in the third grade, yet opinions about ourselves were already setting in fast.

She gave me a book about fairy tales from all over the globe. Many of the stories heightened the fact that the heroine was not always the beautiful princess or prince charming. It was as if she wanted us to embrace the fantasy of beauty but seek it's truth foremost.

This was a liberating time in my life. The memories return in brilliant form and often nudge me to break free of my own preconceptions.

When I think about this time, I visually encapsulate a great deal of light in the photo memory of it. Yes, it was an intriguing moment and to this day haunts my many taste memories......often times beginning at breakfast.

biting into the sun ©

· scoop of your favorite granola (mine has lotsa seeds: sunflower + sesame)
· sliced bananas
· sliced figs, pears or other favorite fleshy bright fruit
· snippets of dried sulphur-free mango or other favorite energy dense dried fruit
· agave nectar or honey (optional)
· chilled fresh almond milk or organic milk

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Please don't copy cat or steal.

Everyone else.....thanks for stopping by ;-)


Unknown said...

wow...those figs...are indeed very sexy.

this makes me feel even more desperate to find figs and try sob sob

Anonymous said...

Me too, I'm not much of a breakfast person, so I usually have brunch instead. but if you serve me such a beautiful granola salad bowl, I'll gobble it up anytime of the day ;) lovely photos ^_^

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

MMMM...because of you, I just tried almond milk for the first time and it's not as almond-y as I expected. I like it though and will try more uses. My husband is lactose intolerant so he's been using it for his cereal. Thanks!!

Passionate Eater said...

Wow, your recipe is so pristine and natural! I would love to bite into the sun soon. I also love your childhood memories--your descriptions definitely sound like San Francisco!

Anonymous said...

I'm a breakfast lover and this looks amazing!! Those figs are glorious.

Merisi said...

Scrumptious looking breakfast! :-)
I have learned to eat breakfast, to avoid running on empty for too long.
I eat sugar free mueslis, with dried berries and nuts, adding a few tablespoon hot water to make it easier to digest, and top it with Kefir yogurt and a few banana slices. When I am in too much of a hurry, or feel not hungry at all, I simply grate fresh ginger root into the Kefir, and eat it with a banana.

Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! :-)

taste memory said...

mocha rita ~ you have tons of awesome stuff in HK.....am so jealous ;-)

noobcook ~ hey there + welcome! yes *brunch* is definitely favorite esp. on lazy sundays!

Hi Jessica ~ so glad to hear that almond milk works well. I tried soy milk once and could not get past the *scratch the chalkboard* like taste! almond milk is quite mellowj - I usually mask out if it gets too almondy for me by adding agave nectar + cinnamon, does the trick!

passionate eater ~ hey thanks for reading about my antics. it really seems like a lifetime ago. I am so thankful I had that experience...

christi @ fig + cherry ~ how fitting! thanks for your comment - figs are one of my favorite ingredients. thanks for stopping by ~

merisi ~ thanks for visiting and your comment. VERY cool - i love the idea of grated ginger over cereal! will hav to try that.

Núria said...

I enjoyed reading your memories of those days! Nowadays girls have it even harder with all these Tv commercials and movies and so...
I love your breakfast and should start doing something similar at home... good idea :D

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thanks for dropping by my blog or I would not have found your blog! You have a fabulous blog! Nice pictures, wonderful writing and sharing! :)

I usually do not eat breakfast, too, but have brunch instead. And I know, it is not a healthy habit. Looking at your delicious-looking, healthy breakfast, I just might start with fruits and almond milk combi. (We do not have figs here.)

Anonymous said...

I do so love to come by and read about your taste memories... always delicious and the title of the recipe bite into the sun is delightful! Haven't thought about gorp in a long time, isn't that just trail mix? I was reading bad things about soy and am interested in trying almond milk. I'm so glad you posted up a recipe!

taste memory said...

yeah pretty much trail mix. as always thanks for coming by.....I've grown to love almond milk and have been adding cinnamon in the colder months in the mix to heat things up ;-)