Wednesday, November 12, 2008

freaking out about Fall: weak in the knees about Autumn

All photography © 2008 property of Ingar Brunnett, TasteMemory + Melt Into Arts Inc.

I often wait until late Fall to buy concord grapes.....they are so much sweeter later in the season with just enough tang in the skin

I don't know what to say except that I've been a bad blogger.

I have been cooking....eating....taking photographs....breathing + easing into Fall....yet not blogging.

I am sorry.

I still love blogging.

Just taking a breather ~

Another excuse (aside from the daily drama of my life) is the new kitchen renovations as of late. It's near done. I've had this embarrassing kitchen for a food lover + food blogger......yes, overall I am thankful....quite grateful for a roof over my head and a kitchen that works, but......if you saw this kitchen.....

I do have before *pictures* of powder blue kitchen counters and stained off-white appliances that are no longer.

Of course, with the new range/oven installed; I am AGAIN doing another weird thing......I am afraid to cook or even bake as so not to dirty the new stovetop and oven!

This is where raw foods + grapes comes in handy, but for awhile was without a kitchen sink too.

But really.....can you imagine a brand spanking new oven with NO *crustineeys* embedded within? So I do a weird thing often; open the spanking new oven and just smile at it's beauty. Well, I plan to line with foil shortly and it will be initiated to baker's bliss with the holidays looming ~

Otherwise; I am alive and well.

Just thought to take a breather during summer......oh yea, summer is over....right!

a lone concord grape in a long shot with one of my robes in the background. Every time I look at that robe it reminds me of nursing my kids when they were little babies. I used to wear that robe while nursing. Very strange taste memories. Actually, I now use that robe as a tint for lighting my food shots. In the foreground are remnants of a few concord grapes I smashed for a shot that will follow below in this post.

a concord grape

owtcha my knee! no not my knee.......peeling back some thoughts with late harvest concord grapes

Seckel pears that I often crave can be quite haunting to the taste

I first came across these baby pears at the Union Square Greenmarket. It was love at first bite.

Seckel pears are petite in size compared to other pears. To the bite they are crisp and firm yet slightly gritty. I love the earthy texture and they have floral after taste that lingers sweetly. They are a definite must try compared to grocery store pears like Bartlett, Anjou or even the Bosc pear that packs a punch with sweetness.

Seckel pears are shaped to fit perfectly in a child's palm.

Perfect for the lunch box or picnic basket too.

these white grapes I picked up at the grocery store remind me of the late harvest Niagara grapes we used to buy at the fruit stands in northeast Ohio

insight into late harvest grapes: sweet with honey undertones

playing with my palette

I have been intrigued lately by micro images as you can see. I have also been lingering with foods + cultures that keep haunting my taste memories.

I promise to be back very shortly with my findings.....


annechovie said...

Thank you for the kind comments on my blog! Your blog makes me very hungry - inspiring!

Gera@SweetsFoodsBlog said...

Hi TM Girl,

Nice to be at your wonderful blog with super recipes and photos!!
Wondering which will be your next delicious post…
Have a great weekend! :-)

Gera - sweetsfoods

Lori Lynn said...

Oh, I did not know what that photo was until I read the caption. Interesting shot!

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog! I hope you come back to visit often, and I will do the same at yours!

cheers, RootingForFruit's jenny

cakewardrobe said...

I LOVEEE concord grapes! They're sweet and juicy like your blog! :)

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Just added you to blogs I follow!

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Anonymous said...

speaking of....I added you to my blogroll. eliminates the need to check in twice a day to see if you have updated the blog :)

taste memory said...

lori lyn ~ thought to try a crop angle!

jenny ~ thanks for swinging by + look forward to reading up on your journeys as well

cakewardrobe ~ so sweet u r too/thanks!

simply gluten free ~ thanks!

manasi ~ thanks for comments/yea i plan to get back in the swing of things!

Manasi said...

thats a great tip about using the robe to tint your photos, i always wonder how you get your ethereal looking photographs!

Jessica@Foodmayhem said...

Congrats on the new kitchen. Can't wait to see what great things come out of it! My mom is renovating her kitchen too. I feel your pain, because she complains about it to me constantly, haha.

Manggy said...

I think it's when an oven is being dirtied that it feels like it's being loved ;) I know if I had a new kitchen, I wouldn't be able to leave it! (of course, there'd be nightly scrubbing involved!)

Shari said...

I love these macro shots, and the story behind the robe in the background is a great taste memory and now it's captured forever. Love it. I can't wait to see macro pictures of your crusty bits on your new stove next.

Anonymous said...

concord grapes are lovely! nice pics :) thanks for stoppin by my blog. hope to see you popping by again :) x

Núria said...

Food photography is sooooo interesting! I can photograph the same muffin a thousand times in different angles (That's a bit weird, isn't it). Anyway, love your pictures and good hard and sweet grapes :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!

Thistlemoon said...

I love seckel pears! I just tried them for the first time this year and I fell in love - until them, I didn't even like pears! Now I am sold!

Concord grapes are good too. I also enjoy the muscat grapes native to FL. Yum!

Jescel said...

wow, just looking at those concord grapes already gives me diabetes... LOL.. congrats on your new kitchen. i understand how you feel, i think i'd be like that too if i would have a new one :o)

Cakebrain said...

Horrors! say it ain't so! did you say foil-lined oven? this reminds me of my visits to my relatives' house. The image of the grease-stained foil in the oven left me scarred...I vowed never to do this in my life! I now have a blue-coloured interior in my Wolf oven and I'm not covering that up with foil! It looks new again after the self-clean mode! :)
Your photography is fantastic! love your blog! thanks for commenting on my blog so I could find yours!

taste memory said...

manasi ~ why thank u, that's definitely the intent inspire that ethereal look

Jessica ~ it's one of these projects I have been putting off forever....but well worth it. Am sure your mom will be enjoying her splendid kitchen!

Manggy ~ hey, thanks for swinging by my blog! stovetop/oven's
been *broken in* now.....that's upcoming posts here!

Shari@Whisk ~ yes, it's definitely happening with the holidays coming up. thanks for stopping by.....

diva ~ u too/luv what ur doing...creativ posts! ;-)

Nuria ~ right on sister, can take a pict in so many angles.....kinda weird but that's the artist blooming in us right?

noble pig ~ thanks!

JennDZ ~ the seckel pears r such surprise. I agree, even if you don't like pears/these are spectacular. I would love to make a TART with them

Jescel ~ nice of you to come by. enjoyed ur recent posts as well ~

cakebrain ~ yes shocking it 'tis! will DEFINITELY take advantage of self cleaning mode. I can get really sloppy esp. baking stuff that gets juicy + splattery! Luv your beaute of a blog/thanks for stopping by mine ;-)

Anonymous said...

Taste memo:

We have concord grapes in our yard planted just 3 years ago. They simply are un-equaled in taste.

The only trouble: you really need to inspect each grape for possible "inhabitants", you know.

But heck I'd rather eat one of them than some sort of pesticide!

Gabi @

Nicole said...

Gorgeous photos. Congrats on the new kitchen. I know what you mean about a new oven. I get over that pretty quickly though. Blogging is taking a back seat for me right now too. I love it but there are things that are so much more pressing and important I need to give attention to. Mostly... the sweet little faces that plead for me to get off of the computer.

taste memory said...

Nicole ~ totally understand about blogging + time issues. little ones grow up so fast. plus so little time + so much to do! stay creative and hopes to continue to see you @ blogosphere ;-)