Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the abundance of giving thanks.....

fruits of our labor: new granite counter tops for this foodie

Well here it is.

Brand new granite counter tops.

The former was a Formica powder blue atrocity.

It took us awhile to pick out this design. What's amazes me about the beauty of granite is that it is not a man made design. So you can image me in the granite yard (yes a huge Flintstones like quarry with a variety of granite slabs) as I was overwhelmed with the natural beauty of granite.

I felt as if I were at The Louvre.

Each slab, quite exquisite.

For the new counter tops; I am ever so grateful!

pomegranate season: illuminated, jewels, vibrancy and the visual harvest

the morning cup: my le petit déjeuner cup reminds me of the *white shoulders* perfume bottle......wish one could forget the scent though

intermezzo toward winter

Day at the beach: Dad and I in Vung Tau, Vietnam during the war

Remembering Dad.

I was born is Seoul, Korea yet we moved rather swiftly to and through Vietnam during the mid-60's. This picture was taken when we lived in the coastal resort town of Vung Tau, Vietnam. Dad rented a French style villa not too far from this beach. This was during the war and just prior the deadly takeover that prompted us to leave. When I look at this picture it reminds me of how courageous Dad was. This was a difficult time for Korea's economic make a long story short, Dad was able to gain employment with the U.S. Army stationed in Saigon. Yes, he was a risk taker. Amazing to recall, his job had to do with managing services for food and beverages for the various U.S. Army barracks stationed throughout Vietnam. Another point in my food lineage!

A taste memory: I remember going to bed after eating homemade ice cream made with condensed milk and orange juice (the dreamsicle, 50/50 bar) while watching fighter jets go by. You can read more about it here and here.

This was a very strange, scary + sad time. Talk about fate and all things falling into place.......

Dad had friends in high places, we left swiftly left Vietnam through the central port city of Can Tho by way of army helicopter to Saigon, then somewhere in between a flight on a military cargo plane, then finally we boarded Pan Am to Hawaii to San Francisco.

My mom gave me Juicy Fruit gum to ease my nausea from all the traveling. To this day, I have mixed feelings about Juicy Fruit gum!

My father passed away six years ago, November 29th.

Remembering you Dad for your brilliance, sowing the seeds for a new life and most importantly finding ~


For this, I am so grateful.

biting into bliss: just like jewels from a crown

Pomegranate fruit is the perfect seasonal dichotomy. The abundance of these seeded capsules loaded with high vitamin juice content during the Autumn season of harvest is a peripheral reminder of more things to come.

What are you expecting as the new year beckons around?

Isn't amazing how much you have lived in this past year?

Do you already see what the new year is unfolding?

Of course, new taste memories revealed.

To American readers, blessings that you had an incredible Thanksgiving holiday!

Autumnal equinox + winter solstice bliss as well to everyone.

Also to many others welcoming in the new spring; a new found vibrancy.

Wishing you today + the days to follow an abundance of peace, good cheer + most of all.......



Nina Timm said...

I cannot wait for all you have to share!!!!

Shari said...

I love your words!

Thistlemoon said...

That is a great post, my friend!

Anonymous said...

HI! I just happened to accidently bump into your blog via my hobby of food images.

I am kind-of-in-love with your blog, way of thinking, love of food. I want to give you virtual *hug* =P

Happy eating!

MadameSoybean said...

As usual succulant photos and poms are so vibrant aren't they? The photo of you with your Father is priceless! Absolutely dear...

Triv said...

I love the way you write about food and life. It inspires me to try harder.

Thank you.

Lori Lynn said...

Your granite is gorgeous! May you enjoy it for many years to come!

You have an interesting life history. Sorry to read about your father's passing. It must be difficult, no matter how long it has been.

Manasi said...

What a beautifully nostalgic write up. The photos are priceless. Looking forward to more foodie pictures with the granite countertop as background :)

taste memory said...

Nina ~ hi Nina; hope all has been well with you! here u go.....

Shari@Whisk ~ TY so sweet!

Jenn ~ Hello Queen, appreciate that so mucho ~

Linda X ~ nice to hear from you. thank you for saying that......your words encourages me to say what I think ;-) + feel!

Apasara ~ Thanks ~ yes 'tis precious ;-)

Triv ~ thank you for kind words....appreciate that so much. hope your having great days ahead ~

Lori Lyn ~ yes in love with this granite! Thank you for kinds words + thoughts about Dad. Yes seems like he was just here so grateful he is my Dad ;-)

Manasi ~ thank you for reading and visiting. I look forwards to the updates on your blog as well.

Hey everyone! Thanks so much for your kind words. As I mentioned, I am quite grateful for all things....this was a hard post to write; but am glad I did it and it was easier for me once I just began to WRITE......oh to write ;-)

p e a c e

Alina said...

Lovely stories about your father and childhood! Thanks for the kinds words on my blog...I guess I didn't realize how much taste does have a memory...a few of my recent posts highlight this truth.

Manggy said...

What a beautiful and touching taste memory. And such a loving tribute to your dad-- he risked and sacrificed a lot for his family, I can totally feel the love. :)

Unknown said...

gorgeous ruby reds!...great story and i love love love your vintage pic ^_^

Passionate Eater said...

What a moving story. Thank you for sharing such an intimate taste memory.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful taste memory and amazing childhood memories! Thank you for sharing and for your warm wishes and pointing out that a new spring is just around the corner...

Passionate Eater said...

I just saw your picture at the Leftover Queen's site, and you looked gorgeous!

taste memory said...

Alina ~ yes definitely! for me taste + scent + touch memories = inspire ~

Manggy ~ thank you for kind words, yes *sacrifice* truly inspired me ;-)

mocha girl ~ hey sweetie! love those old b/w photos, plus anything polaroid cool too....

passionate eater ~ always good to hear from you! thank u for saying that about my pix w. the Leftover Queen ~ you made my day ;-)

foodhoe ~ hey girl! thank u for reading! yea am reminded by friends south of the equator remind me that *spring* is coming.....