Sunday, February 22, 2009

comforts of home: going back to Cali

sweetly tempered with pure maple syrup over a hot griddle.......sticky gooey carmelized seduction: fried bananas with bits of chocolate shavings

Fried bananas. My saving grace when I was transitioning my diet to incorporate more raw foods. So instead of the glass of red wine after dinner or the bowl of ice cream or chocolate torte, I would linger over a sweetly glazed fried banana carmelized with pure maple syrup. It was inspired to me after reading Natalia Rose's The Raw Food Detox Diet book that literally steered me forward on the positively feeling ever so clarified + focused track.

As many of my readers know, I have a healthy + loving balance with raw foods, gourmet cooked foods as well as the love for pure, natural + savory ingredients. To this day, these true loves of mine make me crazy passionate about my intense commitment for fine food, cooking, family, friends + life!

Many things happening here........

First I want to apologize for the delays in my postings as of late.

As I mentioned in my previous post that I spent 2008 cleaning house in more ways than one and the effort brought me back full circle tapping constantly at what I really wanted in my life.

In my consulting work, I am versed with the business plan + fine tuned proposals for my clients. I decided to take a step back and develop my *life plan* *divine plan* *master plan* or some call it the *vision board* of what I really WANTED out of my life. It also included short term, mid-term + long term goals. Then I went in to fudge back my details to make things more fluid in my way too organized life! I think we all have some sort of plan for ourselves.....I decided to take it a step farther and make it more concrete.

Mind you......I also had to take in consideration the munchkins in tow + the hubs. As a marketing specialist, I did pitch them well.....he he he! But found that after orchestrating the *vision board* that really, I had to let it BE and just let things transpire on their own.

Like planting seeds + watering.

Mind you......the whole intent of the *vision board* is to make reality of what you are desiring or wanting, thus taking steps in the direction and walking through the doors that open along the way.

Overall, I felt fulfilled yet oddly, knowing that something had to change in order for me to get to the next level of my life.

So now, I am happy to say.......I am going back home.

We are moving back to RIGHT NOW!

We just found out, so my life is a bit of a flurry right now. We will be leaving on our one way flight to California (that sounds soooo good to say, ONE WAY FLIGHT TO CALIFORNIA, I've been wanting to say that!) in the middle of March.

Can you believe it?

When it rains, it pours.

From the research I gathered, it was suggested to be very specific when you create your *vision board* For example: dates, places, needs, timeline, etc.

When I created the *vision board* with my hubs in 2008 we were very specific. For everything to *flow* in accordance to our family's needs, our hopes were to return to California no later than March 31, 2009. Plus it has to be southern California for family reasons. I know, I know......NORTHERN CALIFORNIA is the place to be, especially to the haunts of Passionate Eater and Foodhoe's Foraging. You guys are the BEST! We did consider noCal, but the cards were not flying.....

So surreal.

I am finding the *vision board* to be a quite a process. It involves some down time that can be hard to relinquish for busy types. But the down time makes space for the empty space to be created in order to be filled again. You often wonder what will be filled in that void when one goes on a diet, breaks up with a boyfriend, let's go of a bad situation/relationship or perhaps make a TOTALLY different career leap......there's always that fear.

My vision board encompassed my diverse life goals that I won't bore you with.....but you get the idea, ya know?!

After I created the vision board and spent time every morning reviewing it and meditating over it before I began my day, something happened.


The vision and word: Heart

Then I heard a verse from a song from a contemplative musician I used to listen to often.....I heard this verse in it's full melody: wherever you treasure is.....there also your heart shall be.....

Then I started taking steps to make the *vision board* a reality. At times it seemed like nothing was happening. But then things startle to trickle. Trickle. There's resistance too.....kinda like when I started to incorporate more raw + more pure foods in my diet, my body/mind created a resistance.

But the best part of this journey is waking up to the dream coming true.

I plan to complete my previous post once I get settled.

There will be a little more down time until I post again. There will be a bit of down time visiting your blogs + commenting until I get up and running.

But in no time, I will be raising a glass to my fellow bloggers as I watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

The comforts of returning home.



Bless Natalia Rose! She's inspired many of us to seek a more vibrant and healthy life via raw foods. I remember when I first devoured her book. It was like, "Oh, I can do this." She just made it all so simple and real, ya know?

I used to vision board quite often and then stopped. Couldn't even tell you why. Just did. But lately, I have been itching to get started again. I would love to create one on the computer that I could look at each day.

HAPPY for you and your impending move HOME. I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Anonymous said...

tastememory girl that is fantastic news, I'm so happy for you! Welcome home, we do so love watching the sunset over the pacific...

Triv said...

It is so wonderful that you can be where your heart truly lies. Many blessings and congrats!

Passionate Eater said...

I agree with Foodhoe, welcome back! We can't wait to see you and your family here, and also to read your new taste memories in California, the Golden State!

@GiftedHand said...

Aww tastememory I wish you such good things on your way home.

I cant tell you, there are such paralells with what Im drawn too and what you write about. It was quite moving reading this post. Just this week I was talking to a friend about doing a vision board and just last night , I was talking of raw foods on my latest blog post!

I look forward to reading and seeing lots more of your journey.

earthmother, your making want to buy that book NOW!!!

Thank you for introducing it to me mrs taste!


Anonymous said...

hi there! love the blog. just wondering if you did not mind shooting me an e-mail at for a quick question. many thanks!

Simon Ovidiu said...

Wow this fried bananas are a very excelent idea!
I think that I'm going to try this recipe at home.

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Jescel said...

first off, getting that vision board done is awesome.. hats off to ya!.. and I do agree with you..wherever your treasure is, there your heart lies also. this is a biblical truth that I am so conscious about, reason why I don't want to be so attached to material things... blessings on your move to Southern California.. to new beginnings -- the best is yet to come!

Jescel said...

first off, getting that vision board done is awesome.. hats off to ya!.. and I do agree with you..wherever your treasure is, there your heart lies also. this is a biblical truth that I am so conscious about, reason why I don't want to be so attached to material things... blessings on your move to Southern California.. to new beginnings -- the best is yet to come!

Passionate Eater said...

For your trip back to California, I just gave you an award, so please pick it up!

Nicole said...

California here you come... right back where you started from....

YEAH!!! So happy for you. And I am so with you on the intermittent posting. It has been hard. Not just with real time but the emotional interworkings of me and what do I need and want.

I am somewhat familiar with vision boards and have posted a photo now and then but not very seriously. Maybe I should. Many things that I desire from life are really missing right now.

Lori Lynn said...

So by now you are probably in SoCal, my home. Wishing you much success and happiness here.

kimberley anne said...

lucky you! I would love to see cali again.. especially when i get to eat chowder lol.... gud luck! :)

Unknown said...

I just ate a huge steak dinner, 100 cookies with milk, and that banana still looks good. Damn you taste buds.

Unknown said...

looking forward to youor new post from Cali - Florida foodies want to know!

taste memory said...

Thank you Thank you for your kind words + awesome feedback!

My apologies sincerely as I have been just completely overwhelmingly *crazed* with this move.

Ah hah though ~ am slowly coming up for air now. You've been in my hearts + thoughts honestly my blogging friends. Wishing you all well and look forward to getting TASTE MEMORY rolling again ;-)


Ms Cupcake said...

I see you moved back to Cal. It looks like we may be neighbors. Haha!

I'm in OC but I spent about 10 days a month in S.F.

Ms. Cupcake
Zen Cupcake

Thistlemoon said...

Hey Inga! I just popped over here after our Twitter chat to see what was new, and I realized I had missed this post! We too use a "dream board". We made one last summer, and now we have to make a new one, as we are almost through with the old one. You described the process perfectly. So glad you found where your heart belongs!

taste memory said...

zen cupcake ~ hey sweets! good to see you here. look forward to chatting + insight on soCal food + life loves.....

leftoverqueen ~ always a pleasure to hear from you. glad to hear about your awesome dream board - really helps define the journey....keep me posted ;-)

taste memory said...

Dearest Passionate Eater,
You are so sweet in thinking of apologies dear friend, as I have been so out of place lately. I'll look forward to picking up this generous award at your savory seductive blog!

Many mucho thanks ;-)