Tuesday, February 10, 2009

full plate special + taste memories: california chopped salad

remnants to livelihood........

I spent last year clearing house.

Clearing out my house in so many ways.

It can be hard to let go of familiar ways and routines.

With all that empty space, open ground, the blank page, the slot to be filled......oh my goodness it will be a void in space.

One might wonder....what's next? What will happen? I don't know what!


I need a doughnut. Just give me a freaking doughnut.

No gravy. I want GRAVY. Remember that old time Warner Bros. cartoon with the bull dog going crazy looking for GRAVY? Perhaps half of you don't! Remember Gumby? Underdog? Land of the Lost? Very scary how long ago that was......

I have had so much on my plate today. This past week. The weeks gone by.

Yet I keep thinking about this place. My next blog post. You guys.....fellow bloggers......enthusiasts.......lifers of the blog life. Love you guys!

I spent 2008 clearing house. In more ways then one. I spent 2008 sowing seeds.

Yes a lot on my plate as of late.

It is as if being in a garden; blossoming, tending, grooming, mending, watering and watching the blooms return.

Today, right now.......outside my window.....the sun is shining. Half the trees in the backyard are slightly bare naked of their leaves. Some green leaves linger the color of last summer as the remaining dried up faintly red maple leaves falter + dangle a bit prior their fall on straw-like winter crab grass. The pool filter is humming and there is a faint spell of fighter jets in the distance reminding me of time we are in and the fact that I live near a naval base.

And NO! I am not pregnant, jumping ship or running off with the butcher/baker or sushi guy.....

More words + pictures to follow......very shortly.


Passionate Eater said...

So poetic and beautiful, I love your writing (even if this post is just in the preliminary stages). I need gravy and a donut too! Or a donut with gravy? ...Hm, I might make that happen.

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Lovely. A blank page can be written anyway you choose. How exciting.

cakewardrobe said...

What a gorgeous composition of mind wandering! Exciting!

Earth Mother said...

I wait patiently.

You always leave me hungry for more.

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit and I enjoy what you have written. The photos are fabulous and the links you make between food and your life are very accessible.
Many thanks!

Lori Lynn said...


Maris said...

All of those colors are great! I can't wait for the summertime and fresh vegetables!