Tuesday, June 30, 2009

peeling back to light: cantelope smoothie with hints of lychees and the green stuff

cantaloupe has been a morning ritual lately........

Can't find my lights, my white boards, filters, back splash.....nothing. I had them specifically and specially packed to be easily retrieved and they are nowhere to be found at the moment.

I did find my camera.

Where the heck is that eyelash curler now........

so just to let you know the taste memory of litchis/lychees ring a familiar tone to me......they're not as odd tasting as they appear really......there is a familiar sweetness to them and almost wine~like fragrant quality that lingers.......

Biting into lychees reminds of something familiar but perhaps not.

with a slight of a paring knife or even a finely manicured fingernail is just enough to peel back the layers......

What I do is to simplify, everyday.

I took these photos without my special lights, my handmade filters and such that give it the *glow*

In between the uneven clouds passing and tagging around the sun, I was able to capture vibrant beginnings of my ritual morning smoothie.

I recently bought a bundle of fresh lychees. Don't be dismayed by their extraterrestrial type rind. Once you get past their tough exterior, you will find the sweetest flesh to the bite. Interestingly enough, each fruit has a different finish. Kinda like wine or biting into chocolate truffles. They are sweet, soft, slightly sour for some, even briny and has a slight lingering aged like finish that reminds me of strawberry wine. They remind me of things that have been waiting, hidden.....perhaps forbidden. Lychees......the forbidden fruit.

Actually my usual smoothie blend is quite simple: cantelope + chunks of cucumbers with skin and all plus a good douse of electrolyte water.

Ladies.....this has been a perfect blend to hydrate your cells thus your skin.

morning light smoothie: fresh cantaloupe, cucumbers, romaine lettuce + lychees

To simplify, to blend, to glow.......

Friday, June 12, 2009

june gloom: walking through fog

I like things in a orderly disarray........I think

This blog is still alive.

I am here.


Rather than bore you with the 450 boxes I am dealing with (I took a rough count to amuse myself in between breaks), I just wanted to say hi and that I am still planning on blogging about taste memories, life, food + just plain being.

There are fruit trees at this new place; amidst dandelions as tall as my kids with minuscule thorns throughout.

I had a dream last night I was flying in between walls and windows made of wooden crates. I felt boxed-in but then I imagined a big picture window that open to a vast blue sky.

The sky opened up in my dream and I was finally in full sail in its expansiveness.

I will post soon.

I am very sorry I have been delayed.

My kids started their third school in one year.

I know, excuses......I have decided to post about our transitons as well as my continued love of fresh + savory foods.

I am trying to help lead a helm with assurance that it's okay to live like gypsies as we have.

Bare feet and all.

Just walking through and feeling the breeze.......