Friday, June 12, 2009

june gloom: walking through fog

I like things in a orderly disarray........I think

This blog is still alive.

I am here.


Rather than bore you with the 450 boxes I am dealing with (I took a rough count to amuse myself in between breaks), I just wanted to say hi and that I am still planning on blogging about taste memories, life, food + just plain being.

There are fruit trees at this new place; amidst dandelions as tall as my kids with minuscule thorns throughout.

I had a dream last night I was flying in between walls and windows made of wooden crates. I felt boxed-in but then I imagined a big picture window that open to a vast blue sky.

The sky opened up in my dream and I was finally in full sail in its expansiveness.

I will post soon.

I am very sorry I have been delayed.

My kids started their third school in one year.

I know, excuses......I have decided to post about our transitons as well as my continued love of fresh + savory foods.

I am trying to help lead a helm with assurance that it's okay to live like gypsies as we have.

Bare feet and all.

Just walking through and feeling the breeze.......



No apologies necessary. I lived like a gypsy for ten years.

Flying dreams are the best!

foodhoe said...

I've been gypsyish for most of my adult life and for the first time I own a house and have lived in it for 6 years. In many ways I feel like I'm root bound and long for those barefoot wandering days... Fruit trees in the yard sound fantastic!

taste memory said...

earthmother ~ hey there! yes am presently seeking *anklets* for the summer to complete my gypsy garb. I've actually crossed it out of my dream board/divine plan! geez talk about manifesting itself!
thanks for getting it ;-)

foodhoe ~ so nice to meet another wanderer. yes was like that in my younger years and then getting roots later, isn't that the oddest feeling. we are dichotomies now wanting both ~ cheers to both!

cakewardrobe said...

You are better than me at updating!!!

Simply...Gluten-free said...

Glad your still going to blog, I always love your posts!

taste memory said...

cakewardrobe ~ hey sweetie, good to hear from you! xoxo

simply gluten free ~ and you too! love the simplicity to your cooking but it always comes out looking decadent, gourmet + pretty