Wednesday, September 30, 2009

at the beach. misty clouds. tangerine sun.

Wordless Wednesday.

abrupt thoughts.




just peeking in ;-)

Monday, September 28, 2009

comfort me with apples

baby asian pears. sprigs of baby roses. thinking out loud by the kitchen window.

It's been Total. Drama. Island.

Really the first words that come to mind!

I've been truly manifesting otherwise but it's like the flood gates opened when I decided unleash those sails.

Thinking about you guys.........hope summer has been swell + full of sights that make you just plain smile.

We were surprised to find our first harvest of asian pears + blossoms of baby roses greet us this past summer. So with that I often think of their sweet fragrance that makes my many senses smile.

I hope you're still there ~ as I miss writing, sharing + sprinkling my thoughts on here. I truly look forward to posting more and look forward to that dialogue again. Thank you for coming around + sending light + love to you.

Be back very soon my dears......