Monday, January 3, 2011

taste memories revisited: vibrant pancakes

taste memories revisited with vibrant raw vegan flour free pancakes

Happy New Year!

I truly hope you have all been well with many blessings as well stepping forward into this new season.

All has been well with me and I wanted to share with you a refreshing new find in my morning repertoire. It's alot more enticing than it sounds: raw vegan flour-free pancakes. Thunk - really sounds like a mouthful and drops like a ton of bricks.

Though keep in mind, especially for those types that are not *breakfast* people and you just need that little something to kick you in the boot at waking - this is a keeper.......

these are perfectly made the night prior or even two days prior and stack as shown with squares of wax paper.....then enclose with a plastic baggy with the little twistie thingy at the end and they stay beautifully chilled to form in your fridge

Also, don't embarrass yourself and mess around with funky syrup blends......just go for the pure gold.

Pure maple syrup is just plain delicious.

also can be made the night prior: chopped Fuji apples or your favorite slightly tart apple.......lovingly tossed in a dash of cinnamon + organic raw sugar

the standout to this taste: sweet salty + savory.......lest I say: taste memories revisited - like the pancakes you grew up with but with an ample touch of vibrancy to keep you going through the no *fillers*

I'm not a breakfast person.
The reason being is I prefer a savory and comfort food type breakfast and sometimes the smoothie or granola won't take the bar for me.

As soon as I bite into this it reminds me of how much I love eating breakfast again but it doesn't give me that slow down that the heavier cooked breakfasts are known for.

there's just something about the first and last bite into these pancakes......remember both sweet, salty and how can you go wrong?

Alright's the recipe to taste memories revisited:

Vibrant Pancakes
2 Cups raw macadamia nuts
2 Cups of dehydrated coconut flakes, unsweetened
1 to 2 Tbsp. local honey or maple syrup
Touch of sea salt (optional)

Fruit toppings:
Chopped apples, bananas, berries or pineapples with touch of organic or maple sugar and cinnamon

Shred coconut in food processor until they become like fine snowflakes. Put into large mixing bowl.

Grind macadamia nuts until it rolls itself into a fine ball similar to cookie dough. Put into large mixing bowl.

With spatula mix together with just a slight amount of local honey or touch of syrup based sweetener of your choice.

Taste batter prior adding salt as macadamia nuts already have a nice salt content.

Create 3” balls and flatten with palms into round ½” thick pancakes. Stack on small plate with sheets of wax paper in between.

Cover in plastic bag and refrigerate 3 hours or overnight.

Serve with fresh fruit on top with a side of maple syrup.

Please note: You can always experiment and substitute the nuts. I prefer raw macadamia nuts (though they can be pricey!) and they have an incredibly healthy oil content. So with other nuts you may have to experiment with adding oils (coconut oil, olive oil, etc.) so they will *stick* upon the making. Also I use Let's Do...Organic brand unsweetened, sliced and dehydrated coconut flakes.

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